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PTCL Ramzan Offer 2023 Upto 50% Off

PTCL Ramzan Offer 2023 Upto 50% Off provides 100Mbps Unlimited Package for Rs 3499 instead of Rs 7849. Call 1218 to avail limited time offer today before Ramadan ends.

Ramzan brings happiness and holy blessings of Allah Almighty for all humans. That’s why, the leading internet provide broadband company of Pakistan that is known as Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is providing a special offer this year.

If we reflect back, then we will realize that PTCL provide special offers and packages at the arrival of every Ramadan. Hence with the start of 2023 Ramadan the company has reduce the 100Mbps package price to half.

PTCL Ramzan Offer 2023

Call 1218 and activate the 100Mbps Monthly Package for 3499 rupees instead of 7849 rupees. This offer is only for Ramzan 2023. Hence after the Ramadan ends this offer will end. However those who have already got this package in this Ramadan will use incentives till their monthly validity ends.

All of us know PTCL is providing new technology Flash Fiber connections these days. This Ramzan Offer 2023 will also come with same technology at your doorstep. Basically the Flash Fiber connection means to double the speed of your internet after 12PM (midnight) which is fabulous.

Monthly 100Mbps Package

This PTCL Ramadan Offer 2023 gives you opportunity to activate upto 100Mbps speed monthly package. Hence enjoy the super-fast internet in Pakistan through PTCL Ramadan offer and get unlimited access to download and upload files.

Rs 3499 instead of Rs 7849

Old price of PTCL Unlimited Internet Package having speed of upto 100Mbps was 7849 rupees. But due to Ramzan Offer this price has reduce to half. It means you only have to pay 3499 rupees if you activate Monthly Unlimited 100Mbps speed package this Ramadan.

PTCL New Connection

Whether you have an old PTCL connection or you want to get a new PTCL connection you just need to connect to PTCL officials by dialing 1218 or mail to [email protected] and get a new connection today.

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Terms & Conditions
  • Ramzan package reduce 50%
  • This Package provide 100Mbps speed
  • 100Mbps package comes with unlimited usage
  • Old price of this 100Mbps packages was 7849 rupees
  • New price after Ramzan Offer implementation is 3499 rupees
  • This is a limited time offer is valid till Holy Ramadan Month ends
  • Visit PTCL help center or call on 1218 to get additional details about offer

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