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PTCL 10 Mbps Package 2023 – Unlimited Internet (Details)

PTCL 10 Mbps Package is giving unlimited internet for Rs 2,355 and comes with a Free PTCL Smart TV via GPON fiber optic connectivity. Yes! This is the only chance to enjoy unlimited internet on PTCL at a fixed (affordable) price.

People often search PTCL 10 Mbps Unlimited Package on the internet. Basically, the PTCL always provides “internet packages” with an “Up To” title.

That’s why the PTCL 8 MBs package also comes with Up to 8 Mbps speed with unlimited data. This is the main reason; it would be 100% accurate to name this package as “PTCL 10 Mbps Unlimited Package” for 2022.

PTCL 10 Mbps Package

In Pakistan, the PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) is the only reliable internet provider source that gives speeds Up to 100 Mbps, Unlimited Bandwidth, GPON fiber optic connectivity, and Free PTCL Smart TV App to access HD channels.

Besides all these basic features (benefits) the PTCL also comes with affordable monthly packages. Such an affordable Unlimited PTCL data package is described here on this page.

Note: It is PTCL 8 Mbps Internet Package that comes with an “Up To Speed” feature that becomes nearly equal to 10 Mbps. That’s why we have named the 8 MBs package as the 10 MBs package but the price of this offer is 2,355 Rupees which is the official price of the PTCL 8 Mbps Internet Package.

10 MBs Offer Details

Get a new PTCL internet connection today and ask the agent to install the 8 Mbps package at your address. The 8 Mbps package will come with “up to 8 MBs speed” that becomes 10 Mbps on your laptop/computer.

Offer Name:8 MBs Offer
Actual Speed:Up To 8 Mbps
Transfer Rate:10 Mbps (fix)
Total Data:Unlimited
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 2,355
SUB-Code:Dial 1218

Package Price & Other Expenses

Basically, the price of the PTCL internet package describe here on this page cost Rs 2355 but this price will only apply in case of the existence of a net connection. Those users who don’t have any net connection must have gotten the connection first from PTCL.

  • 2355 Rupees (Monthly Internet Charges)
  • 5000 Rupees (New Internet Connection Charges)

The new connection cost Rs 5000/- (the fee of wire and installment) and the monthly data price will be added to it. Hence the total amount of Rs 5000 + Rs 2355 becomes 7355 rupees.

See: PTCL Tax Certificate

Apna4G Conclusion

Enjoy the fastest internet on PTCL connection in all the major and small cities through old and new connections available at fixed installation charges of Rs 5000 only. In addition, the given 10 Mbps package is best for those users who want to access unlimited internet for HD streaming, a fast gaming experience, and for never seen downloading and uploading experience.

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