PUBG KR UC Buy in Pakistan 2024

Buy Korean version “PUBG KR UC” in Pakistan through Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, Midasbuy, and through the online shop. We have described each method to buy UC in few easy steps. All those users who want to achieve top-level in the Korean version will now enjoy it.

Recently, PUBG Mobile Game was updated in the new “PUBG Korean Version” in the latest update. This version is more powerful and has the best features as compared to another one. That’s why gamers are trending to move their account to this KR version.

When a user successfully makes an account on “PUBG KR Version” then it is the priority of that gamer to buy some unknown currency for that account. Hence, this article is based on the brief description of “PUBG Korean UC Buy in Pakistan” in few seconds.


All online payment methods allow the user to unknown currency for PUBG. Whether you are using the plane version or KR version, these online payment methods will add “unknown currency into your account if you order online & pay them at the spot.

Korean UC Rate

This is the current rate of “PUBG KR UC” according to the latest update. It is important to notify you that PUBG unknown currency is rate is on all online websites. Hence, this is a fixed rate of KR UC according to today list:

Korean Unknown Currency Rate:

7 UCPKR 24
32 UCPKR 99
63 UCPKR 185
340 UCPKR 949
690 UCPKR 1850
1800 UCPKR 4000
1875 UCPKR 4350

Sources To Buy UC

All players who want to buy “Korean Version PUBG Unknown Currency” can use any of the following sources. These online sources contain:

How To Buy KR UC?

You just have to take a visit to any of the given sources, and you will receive KR UC from these sources at a fixed rate. Pay online and get your UC in few seconds.

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