Jazz PUBG Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2023 (New)

PUBG has got the record for the most played video game in Pakistan. That’s why the Jazz PUBG Packages has been introduced by the 4G network to support Pakistani players to get fame on the international level. Just because of the fastest internet of Jazz 4G all Pakistani players are considered as finest gamers in the whole world.

Do you want to experience the best PUBG fights? Then change your network to Jazz 4G and enjoy the fastest speed you have ever got on other networks. This speed will definitely help you to get 1st position on the battlefield of the game ground.

PUBG’s (Player Unknown Battle Ground) first season was launched in Pakistan on 3 October 2018. Till today this game has completed its 13 seasons. Developers are working on its new seasons. Soon players will be able to play the new launch season. That’s why we recommend Jazz 4G (the fastest internet network) in Pakistan to use for this new season.

Jazz PUBG Packages 2023

1st internet network of Pakistan (Jazz 4G) is providing numerous internet packages for PUBG games. These packages vary in MBs, validity, and price. We have described all Jazz PUBG Packages on this page with their official price and code.

The basic requirement to play PUBG is the internet, legal player id, unknown currency, and a few more. However, you will notice that the internet is the 1st requirement to play the best game on your android, iOS, and windows phone. People often use WIFI to play this game however always remember that you can’t WIFI every time everywhere. Hence you need a better internet connection through telecom technology. Now it depends upon you what you choose.

Daily PUBG Bundles

These are the famous packages that work according to daily validity and charge very low. Please take a look at each bundle to subscribe and a suitable package for PUBG live play. Always remember that all these packages are prepaid bundles.

Following is the list of daily PUBG internet bundles by Jazz:

Hourly MBs

1st bundle of the day starts with the lowest validity. Yes! This PUBG net package works for 1 hour (60 minutes). This package provides 1000 MBs (1GB) for 10 rupees. Hence play the game for one hour at the lowest price.

Offer Name:Hourly PUBG
Validity:1 Hour
Price:Rs 10
Status Code:*638*2#
Extreme MBs

Avail 2GB from 12 AM to 12 PM for 18 rupees with Jazz 4G. This package works for 12 hours and comes at an affordable price if you have ever heard. Dial *757# and play PUBG for 12 hours non-stop with 4G data.

Offer Name:Extreme PUBG
Validity:12 AM-12 PM
Price:Rs 18
Status Code:*757*2#
Mega MBs

The next and last bundle in the daily packages list is “Mega Offer”. This package provides 1000 MBs (1GB) for the whole day & night. Hence enjoy 24 hours for 35 rupees.

Offer Name:Mega PUBG
Validity:24 Hours
Price:Rs 35
Status Code:*117*4*2#

Weekly PUBG Bundles

Same as 3 famous daily packages for PUBG Jazz 4G has launched 3 packages for weekly validity. Yes! For 7 days you have three different options to activate MBs to play PUBG.

Here is the list of 7 days PUBG packages:

Premium MBs

Dial *117*47# and receive 4GB + 50 All Network Minutes with the PUBG Premium MBs bundle. This 4GB data will remain valid for 7 days at a low price of Rs 212 only.

Offer Name:Premium MBs
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 212
Status Code:*117*47*2#
Mega Data

The next offer is a 10GB internet-providing weekly offer. This bundle costs Rs 287 and activate on prepaid numbers only. For bundle activation please dial *159# from your phone.

Offer Name:Mega Data
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 287
Status Code:*159*2#
Mega Plus

3rd bundle in 7 days validity is the “Mega Plus” offer. According to its name, this bundle provides more (Plus) or known as additional MBs than its actual MBs. Yes! On subscribing to this offer the user gets 15GB but due to its policy, the network has added 10GB more. Now get 25GB in a 15 GB bundle. Isn’t it the best PUBG data package? However, the network has specified fix time for additional MBs.

Offer Name:Mega Plus
Additional MBs:10GB
Additional MBs Hours:2 AM-2 PM
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 338
Status Code:*453*2#

Monthly PUBG Bundles

The last 3 bundles are “Monthly PUBG Bundles” having different MBs but the same validity. These packages support 3G/4G devices. Get whole details about 30 days packages in 3 bundles present below in ascending order.

30 Days PUBG MBs Offers Details:

2GB Monthly

Activate “PUBG Browser Data” and get 2GB for 30 days in 126 rupees charges. This bundle provides low MBs however its validity is maximum and the price is affordable.

Offer Name:Browser Data
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 126
Status Code:*709*2#
12GB Monthly

This data package comes with 12GB total in which the network has divided these MBs into two parts. Yes! The user will receive 12GB of total data having 6GB for specific 2 AM to 2 PM daily for 30 days.

Offer Name:Mega Plus
Special MBs:6GB
6GB Hours:2 AM-2 PM
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 458
Status Code:*117*30*2#
22GB Monthly

The last Jazz PUBG Package of the day provides 22,000 MBs for 30 days non-stop. These 22GB works 24 hours and a special 12GB from these MBs works from 2 AM to 2 PM. Activate by dialing *117*32# in Rs 525 only.

Offer Name:Supreme MBs
Special MBs:12GB
12GB Hours:2 AM-2 PM
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 699
Status Code:*117*32*2#

You can “Buy PUBG UC” from Jazz Cash here. This link describes the online method to recharge unknown currency into your PUBG account.

How To Play PUBG on Jazz?

Now the question arises that “when we activate a package from daily, weekly, or monthly” validity then what do we have to do? Jazz 4G provides these packages to use PUBG on your device. That’s why you just have to follow these easy steps:

  • Recharge prepaid account
  • Activate any bundle from above
  • Play PUBG on your device non-stop
  • You can also buy “PUBG UC” from JazzCash

Hence it is concluded from above that playing PUBG has become very easy through the “Jazz PUBG Package”. All packages, subscription prices, and other incentives support PUBG. The game currency that is commonly known as PUBG is also available through Jazz Cash App. That’s why we say “Jazz Apna Hey”.

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