Services Feature Dialing Codes of SCOM (SCO 2024)

We have given here Services Feature Dialing Codes of SCOM for prepaid and postpaid users. Take a look at All USSD Codes of SCO and operate without confusion.

We always remain in search of different service codes for the SCOM network. That’s why; Apna4G has set up this page that includes all basic services USSD codes.

These codes include; advance loan code, card recharge code, SCO balance inquiry (check) code, balance share code, balance share (transfer) code, and many others.

Dialing Codes of SCOM

If you are reading this article, then you must be a SCOM (SCO) SIM subscriber or, in the second case, you must own a Special communication Organization SIM card. Hence, this info (Dialing Codes of SCOM) is going to prove very helpful for you.

Dialing Codes of SCOM – All USSD Codes List:

SCOM Service:Code:
Balance Check:*125#
Advance Loan:*135#
Card Recharge:*126*PIN#
Recharge for Others:*126*SCOM Sim Number*PIN#
Balance Transfer:*128*Amount*Mob No#
Free Minutes Bundle Query:*125# then Reply 1
Missed Call Alerts (English)Dial *127*1*1#
Send ” CHMCN 1″ to 373
Missed Call Alerts (Urdu)Press *127*1*2#
Send ” CHMCN 2″ to 373
(Deactivate) Missed Call AlertsDial *127*2#
Send “UNMCN” to 373
Package activation/changePress *725#
or Dial 725
(Activate) SMS Blocking FeatureSend “SUB 92355xxxxxxx” to 420
SMS Blocking Feature (Add Num)SMS “ADD 92355xxxxxxx” to 420
SMS Blocking Feature (Del Num)Send “DEL 92355xxxxxxx” to 420
(Query) SMS Blocking FeatureSend “QU” to 420
(Deactivate) SMS Blocking FeatureSMS “UNSUB” to 420
(Activate) SMS Forwarding FeatureSend “SUB 92355xxxxxxx” to 373
(Query) SMS ForwardingSMS “QU” to 373
(Deactivate) SMS ForwardingSend “UNSUB” to 373
Internet settings (Pull)Send “Setting” to 605

SCOM Balance Check

Dial *125# and check (inquire) the current balance of your SCOM prepaid or postpaid SIM free of cost.

SCOM Balance Check:*125#
Check Fee:Rs 0 (Free)

Advance Balance SCOM

All those SCOM prepaid users who want to get an advance balance loan in case of emergency can dial the *135# code. This code will deduct Rs 2 as service charges on the next recharge.

SCOM Advance Loan:*135#
Service Fee:Rs 2

Recharge SCOM Card

Do you have purchased an SCO Card and want to recharge it on your number? Don’t worry, because here we have given an all-in-one trick to recharge SCOM Card. Dial *126*PIN No# and in the place on “PIN No” please enter the digits of the SCOM card that you have purchased.

Recharge SCOM Card:*126*PIN No#
Service Fee:Rs 0

Recharge SCO Card for Others

Do you want to share (card load) with your friend? That’s easy, just buy a SCOM card and scratch it to get the pin code. When you get the SCOM Card pin, then dial *126*SCOM Sim Number*PIN# code. Remember to insert friend’s phone number in the place of “SCOM Sim Number” and enter the scratch card digits in the place of the “PIN” area.

Recharge SCOM Card for Others:*126*SCOM Sim Number*PIN#
Service Fee:Rs 0

SCOM Balance Transfer

It is very easy to transfer (share) your balance from one SCOM number to another. Dial *128*Amount*Mob No# from your mobile and enter your friend’s number in the field of “Mob No” to whom you want to send (transfer) SCOM load. Always remember to enter a price in the “amount” section (that is what amount you want to share) respectively.

SCOM Balance Transfer:*128*Amount*Mob No#
Service Fee:Rs 0

Free Minutes Bundle Query

Do you have received free minutes or currently using any call package? Simply dial *125# then reply with 1 and inquire about your remaining SCOM minutes.

Free Minutes Inquire:*125# then Reply with 1
Service Fee:Rs 0

Missed Call Alerts (English)

Activate Missed Call Alert service in SCOM with (English) language in just Rs 20 through *127*1*1# code or send “CHMCN 1” to 373 for activation.

Missed Call Alerts (English):Dial *127*1*1#
Send “CHMCN 1” to 373
Service Fee:Rs 20

Missed Call Alerts (Urdu)

Now the question arises, how a user can get the same service in the Urdu language using SCO SIM?

Missed Call Alerts (English):Press *127*1*2#
Send ” CHMCN 2″ to 373
Service Fee:Rs 20

(Deactivate) Missed Call Alerts

All those users who want to deactivate (unsub) Urdu & English Missed Call Alert service can follow 1 procedure. Dial *127*2# or you can also send an SMS “UNMCN” to 373 for service unsubscription.

Unsub Missed Call Alerts:Dial *127*2#
Send “UNMCN” to 373
Service Fee:Free

Packages Activation or Change

Do you want to activate any Call, SMS, or Data package in SCO, or want to change any bucket? Simply dial Press *725# or dial 725 and activate any bucket of your choice or change the current package from your SIM.

Packages (Activation/Change)Dial *725# or 725
Service Fee:Rs 10
SMS Blocking (Sub/Unsub)
  • Activate SMS blocking feature: by Sending “SUB 92355xxxxxxx” to 420 (Rs 1 per day)
  • Add Number in SMS Blocking List: by Sending “ADD 92355xxxxxxx” to 420 (Free)
  • Delete Number from SMS Blocking List: by Sending “DEL 92355xxxxxxx” to 420 (Free)
  • Ask any question about SMS Blocking Service: by Sending “QU” to 420 for free
  • Deactivate (Unsubscribe) from the SMS blocking feature: by Sending “UNSUB” to 420 (Free)
SMS Forwarding (Sub/Unsub)
  • Activate SMS Forwarding feature: by Sending “SUB 92355xxxxxxx” to 373 (Rs 5 per week)
  • Ask any question about the SMS Forwarding Service: by Sending “QU” to 373 for free
  • Deactivate (Unsubscribe) from the SMS Forwarding feature: by Sending “UNSUB” to 373 (Free)
How To Get SCOM Net Settings?

Do you want to use 3G/4G (LTE) internet on your SCOM SIM? Simply send “Setting” to 605 and get internet settings for free according to your mobile phone model. It is the easiest method to get + install internet settings on your SCO SIM.

  • Send “Setting” to 605
  • Get net settings for free

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Enjoy SCO SIM (3G/4G)

Stay aware of all the services of SCO through these SCOM Service Codes that are given above. However, in case of any questions, you can comment to us below, and we will try to respond in the next 2 hours.

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