Telenor 6 to 6 Package Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2023

Telenor 6 to 6 Package & Offer – You can activate the internet package from 6 AM to 6 PM on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Here we have new offpeak Telenor packages for all prepaid customers.

Do you want to activate such an internet package that works from 6 AM to 6 PM every day? If yes! Then Telenor launched daily, weekly, and monthly off-peak packages. These packages come at affordable prices and with maximum MBs.

Recently Telenor launched 4G LTE in Pakistan and due to this service, the number of its prepaid users is increasing. Hence the network gives a golden opportunity to all its users to remain connected with the fastest internet at affordable prices.

Telenor 6 to 6 Packages

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly 6 AM to 6 PM (Off-Peak) Telenor 6 to 6 Packages / Offers are only available for prepaid users. Here the subscription fee for these packages is kept quite low as possible. 1st package the Daily Offpeak Offer charges 15 rupees.

The Weekly 6 to 6 Package charges 60 rupees. Finally, the Telenor Monthly 6 to 6 Package is a 2GB WhatsApp package that deducts Rs 1 including tax only.

This is the list of Telenor Daily, Weekly, and Monthly 6 AM to 6 PM internet packages with prices:

  • Daily Offpeak Offer (1.5GB for Rs 15)
  • Weekly Offpeak Offer (4GB for Rs 60)
  • Monthly Offpeak Offer (2GB for Rs 1)

Telenor Daily Offpeak Offer

1st package is Daily Offpeak Offer which is also known as Telenor Daily 6 to 6 Offer. Dial *10# to activate this offer and get 1500 MB from 6 AM to 6 PM. This is a 12 hours valid package that deducts 15 rupees.

Full Details:

Offer Name:Daily Offpeak
Data:1500 MBs
Validity:12 Hours
Timing:6AM – 6PM
Price:Rs 15
Subscribe Code:*10#

Telenor Weekly Offpeak Offer

Dial *71# to activate Telenor Weekly Offpeak Offer / Weekly 6 to 6 Package. This package deducts 60 rupees from the user account and provides 4000 MBs (4GB) of data for 7 days. The validity of this offer is 7 Days (6 AM – 6 PM).

Full Details:

Offer Name:Weekly Offpeak
Data:4000 MBs
Validity:7 Days
Timing:6AM – 6PM
Price:Rs 60
Subscribe Code:*71#

Telenor Monthly Offpeak Offer

Finally, here it is the Telenor Monthly Offpeak Offer. This package is a Monthly WhatsApp package that provides 2GB (2000 MBs) for WhatsApp only in 1 rupee only. Dial *247# to activate this 1 rupee offer.

Full Details:

Offer Name:Monthly Offpeak
WhatsApp Data:2000 MBs
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 1
Subscribe Code:*247#

Use App For Activation & Check

Those users who want to remain connected to the internet by subscribing to any daily, weekly, or monthly Telenor internet package can activate or check offers from the My Telenor App. Yes! Use Telenor App and access the subscription and check the details of all offpeak (6 to 6) Telenor packages.

Terms & Conditions
  • Offpeak packages work from 6 AM to 6 PM
  • These are Telenor prepaid internet packages
  • Packages subscription is possible via code & online
  • GST, AIT, and FED taxes are compulsory and must apply
  • The validity of these packages is daily, weekly and monthly
  • Visit the Telenor portal to get more details about these offers

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