Telenor Faisalabad Offer Price and Package Details

With the start of this year, the officials have launched Telenor Faisalabad Offer. This offer has 5 packages having different validity, price, and codes. We have given complete details of this bundle below.

Do you know Telenor has launched special packages for Faisalabad? These packages are basically hybrid packages. We have described these packages with their subscription, unsubscribe, check, and info codes.

Basically, Faisalabad is known as 3rd most populous city, that’s why every telecom network in Pakistan has launched special packages to attract all the SIM users of this city. Hence, it is considered a top city to get maximum subscribers. Keeping in view this important point, “Telenor” has launched Faisalabad offers.

Telenor Faisalabad Offer

You know very well that Faisalabad is present in Punjab. The call, SMS, and MBs packages for the province of Punjab are very cheap. You can activate daily, weekly, or even monthly bundles at an affordable price.

That’s why we have collected these 5 top packages for you. These packages will help you to manage your daily need for internet, on-network, off-network minutes, and SMS. Let’s start our today “hybrid packages” list.

Telenor Faisalabad 2 Hours

Dial *345*20# and receive 250 MBs for Facebook and unlimited Telenor to Telenor minutes.  This is a 2-hour (120 minutes hourly) package available for Rs 7/- only.

Bundle Name:Hourly Offer
FB MBs:250
On-Net Mints:Unlimited
Validity:2 Hours
SUB Code:*345*20#

Note: Call setup charges will apply in this bundle

Full Day Offer

You can activate this daily hybrid (Full Day Offer) to avail 50MBs of internet + 100MBs WhatApp. In addition, subscribers will receive unlimited on-network minutes till 12 midnight. The offer’s official price is Rs 13 and the subscription code is *5*250# respectively.

Bundle Name:Full Day Offer
WhatsApp MBs:100
On-Net Mints:Unlimited
Validity:1 Day
SUB Code:*5*250#

3 Day Plus Offer

It is very rare that any telecom network launches a 3-day offer. This is a 3-day bundle with 300MBs internet, 300 on-net, 25 off-net, and 300 SMS for Rs 69. Hence, by dividing the total price by validity, users will receive daily incentives of 20 rupees. *345*91# is the official subscription code of this package. Click here to get details about the Telenor YouTube Package and code.

Bundle Name:3 Day Plus
On-Net Mints:300
Off-Net Mints:25
Validity:3 Days
Price:Rs 69
SUB Code:*345*91#

Rs 135 Weekly

The 135 rupees weekly easy card 160 is now providing the rest for 30 days. Yes! 1500 MBs, 1000 Telenor & PTCL minutes, and 50 other network minutes with just *963# code.

Bundle Name:7 Day Offer
Telenor & PTCL Mints:1000
Off-Net Mints:50
Price:Rs 135
SUB Code:*963#

Note: You must have to load Rs 60 (recharge) to activate this offer successfully.

Rs 450 Monthly

The last bundle that is valid for 30 days is providing 1GB internet MBs + 2GB WhatsApp, 500 Telenor & PTCL minutes, 500 SMS, and 50 Minutes for other networks. The activation code of this monthly offer is *350#

Bundle Name:Monthly Offer
Telenor & PTCL Mints:500
Off-Net Mints:50
Price:Rs 450

Check Details

To check details, please use the “Zong App” because there is a meter check system on which you can get details about your remaining incentives for free. There is no check fee for that app.