Telenor YouTube Packages | Daily, Weekly, Monthly Offers 2024

Full details of Telenor YouTube Packages for daily, weekly and monthly validity with their activation code, status code, and unsubscribe code are present below.

YouTube is not a new website for all of us. We better know that all leading videos, songs, and movies can be easily found on this portal. Hence, all telecom networks have launched special packages for YouTube. In addition, Telenor has launched YouTube packages in hourly, daily, weekly and monthly formats. Today’s topic is to fully explain these packages to our dear visitors.

Getting internet by substring common internet package is a normal routine in a life of Telenor prepaid user. However, here we have mention those social packages that will give you access to YouTube in affordable price. Then what are you waiting for? Activate any YouTube Pack and enjoy non-stop streaming.

Telenor YouTube Packages

There are more than 5 bundles that are specially made for YouTube. These packages are different in their validity, Mbps amount, and price. We have given below each package with its incentives in a separate table and description among them.

YouTube hourly and daily bundles cost the lowest rates. On the other hand, monthly bundles charge of maximum rupees, but they provide more MB compared to other packages. Let’s take a look at these packages one by one.

Hourly YouTube Packages

There are two hourly packages having the same MB quantity but different timing and price. We have described them below with their official subscription codes.

12 Hours Offer

The first bundle of the day is “12 Hours YouTube Offer” providing 1500 MBs from 6 AM to 6 PM. With the low activation charges of Rs 15, this is a top hourly YouTube package of Telenor. Hence, dial *10# and activate this marvelous package.

Bundle Name:12 Hours
Timing:6 AM to 6 PM
Validity:12 Hours
Price:Rs 15
SUB Code:*10#

Hourly 1.5GB Offer

The next bundle is the same 1500 MBs bundle but here the timing is changed. The network provides 1500 MBs for YouTube in this package having validity of 12 AM to 12 PM. Hence, this is the same bundle as the first one, but here the timing is totally different. In addition, this bundle is also valid for 12 hours only. Dial *150# and activate this bundle for Rs 18.

Bundle Name:1.5GB Offer
Timing:12 AM to 12 PM
Validity:12 Hours
Price:Rs 18
SUB Code:*150#

Daily YouTube Offers

Now it’s time to explain the daily YouTube package after hourly bundles. There is one daily bundle having specific MBs for YouTube. Let’s take a look at this bundle.

500 MBs Offer

1 day (daily) YouTube offers to provide 500 MBs for 24 hours for Rs 8. Moreover, dial *60# and activate one day bundle for YouTube on your device.

Bundle Name:500MB Offer
Timing:24 hours
Price:Rs 8
SUB Code:*60#

3 Days YouTube Offers

It’s time to discuss a unique bundle having a validity of 3 days. Hence, you can use this package to access YouTube for 3 days non-stop. We have described it below with its code & details.

1GB Offer

3 day YouTube package provides 1000 MBs of internet MBs. Yes! This 1GB is enough to stream YouTube for 3 days in 44 rupees. In addition, to activate this package, dial *32# and here the user will be able to use 500 MBs every time and 500 MBs just from 12 AM to 8 AM.

Bundle Name:1GB Offer
Timing:500MB (24 hours)
500MB (12 AM to 8 AM)
Validity:3 Days
Price:Rs 44
SUB Code:*32#

Weekly YouTube Offers

this is the one and only weekly YouTube package. Complete details of this package are presented below. In addition, you can get more details about this package from the official website.

5GB for Rs 86

Dial *220# and receive 5000 MBs for YouTube in 86 rupees. Hence, this bundle is a weekly YouTube package and the MBs work on video apps only.

Bundle Name:5GB Offer
Timing:24 Hours
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 86
SUB Code:*220#

Monthly YouTube Offers

The last bundle of the day is 30 days YouTube offer. This bundle is one and only and its price has been reduced by network officials to provide a better chance to users to get maximum MBs for long time validity. In addition, the price of this package is much lower than other bundles.

100GB for Rs 180

This bundle provides 100GB for 30 days for 180 rupees. Dial *29# and activate the 3G/4G YouTube package 100GB from 11 PM to 12 PM till 30 days bundle validity.

Bundle Name:100GB Offer
Timing:11 PM to 12 PM
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 180
SUB Code:*29#

How To Check Remaining YouTube MBs

To check the remaining MBs for these daily, weekly, and monthly YouTube packages, you can download the official network app. Hence, download and install “My Telenor App” and check the remaining MBs details on the app front page. In addition, get details about the latest “Telenor 70 Rupees Call Package” from here.

Terms & Conditions
  • These are prepaid bundles
  • Offers have daily, weekly, and monthly validity
  • You can unsub these packages from the helpline
  • Moreover, these MBs are valid for 3G & 4G devices only
  • Hence, click here for more info about packages & details

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