Telenor Weekly Internet Package at 100 Rupees Code 2024

Dial *288# to activate Telenor Weekly Internet Package at 100 Rupees. Get 4GB internet including 2GB from 1AM to 11AM daily till bundle expire after 7 days.

After the launch of new Telenor Weekly Internet Package in 100 Rupees, the people are getting exciting for the Rs 100 internet package. It is the cheapest Telenor Weekly Internet Package that provides 4000 MBs for a hundred rupees only.

Official name of this 100 rupees bucket is Telenor 4G Weekly Super Offer, and it is available for all prepaid users of Telenor. Whether you are living in any part of country (Pakistan) just dial *288# and activate weekly internet package for 100 rupees.

Telenor Weekly Internet Package at 100 Rupees

Activate Telenor 4G Weekly Super Offer by dialing *288# and get 4000 MBs in which 2000 MBs work from 1AM to 11AM for 100 rupees. Due to new 4G LTE technology, the speed of Telenor internet has become fastest.

Hence, activate the 100 rupees internet package for 7 days and enjoy non-stop internet at a reasonable price. Full details about the 100 rupees weekly internet package of Telenor is present below:

Full Details:

Offer Name:Weekly Super
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 100
Load Required:Rs 120
Subscribe Code:*288#

Note: The half data 2000 MBs (2GB) will work from 1AM to 11AM only.

4G Weekly Super Price

Official price of this package is Rs 100 but due to implementation of GST, AIT and GST the price rises to 120 rupees. Hence, the load required to fulfill the Price + Taxes is Rs 120. Recharge Rs 120 and dial *288# to get 4GB data for 7 days non-stop.

Specific Time For 2GB

Total data you get by activating 4G Super Weekly package is 4GB internet. Here the officials have divided the 4GB data into two parts according to usage timing. You will get 2000 MBs for 24/7 (every time) till bundle expire. On the other hand, the remaining 2GB (2000 MBs) will only work from 1 AM to 11 AM everyday till 100 rupees offer expire.

Other Related Codes

These are the other related (check, balance inquiry and remaining resources inquire) codes for 100 rupees weekly internet package. Take a look at these codes for in-depth details:

  • Dial *999# to check remaining MBs from 4GB
  • Dial *444# to check the remaining balance of SIM
  • *123# is an all-in-one resource check code for users

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Apna4G Conclusion

It is a golden chance for all Telenor prepaid users to get 4000 MBs for just 100 rupees (load required 120 rupees) for 7 days. Hence, remain connect with whole world using World Wide Web (internet) service at an affordable price. It is the history of Telenor to provide relief to its prepaid customers. That’s why, the network always launches such affordable weekly internet packages. This time the network is giving 4GB for 100 rupees. Hence what are you waiting for? Subscribe to this offer today and enjoy. For further details about 4G Weekly Super, please visit Telenor official portal.