Ufone 50GB Free Internet Code 2024

In 2024 officials launched Ufone 50GB Free Internet Code. You’ll be able to get 50GB (50,000 MBs) daily via this offer. On this page, we have fully described this package with its code, validity, and other basic details.

Ufone 50GB Free Internet Code

Basically, it is a daily (ultimate) 3G internet package of Ufone that only charges Rs 5 (load) from the user account. Due to only 5 rupees price of this package, all the users have named this service Ufone Free Internet Code 50 GB.

5 rupees (Rs 5) is nothing in front of such a huge data (50GB) internet. That’s why this internet package is nearly free for all 3G Ufone users.

Here the most important term that we must have to remember is its validity. Unfortunately, the validity of this bucket is only 1 day! Yes! You can use 50GB from this package for 24 hours.

Many people ask why we can’t use 50 GB on 4G & LTE devices. Remember that the following package was launched in the year 2024, hence in those days, 4G was not available for common subscribers.

How To Get 50 GB Daily?

Dial *550# and activate the 50 GB free internet (3G) offer for the next 24 hours. This data will allow you to use all types of apps and websites, including downloading and uploading is also possible.

free 3G data

3G Network Usage Only

Here the most important part of this offer is its usage type. Because it is an old bucket, that’s why only those users who have a 3G phone can access 50GB of internet.

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Auto-Recursive (12 AM)

This daily internet package will expire at right 12 AM at the night and because of its auto-recursive, it is always re-subscribed at 12 AM every night. That’s why; you must have to deactivate this offer if you don’t want to lose 5 rupees daily.

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