SCOM Internet Settings For Android and iPhone 2024

Set SCOM Internet Settings Manually or get the APN Setting through SMS in a few easy steps. The step-by-step guide about SCO Net Settings is given below.

SCO – Special communication Organization provides 3G/4G and LTE internet speed in Gilgit and AJK. Hence, set your mobile settings and access the fastest internet using SCO SIM.

SCOM Internet Settings (Manual)

All those users who want to activate (set) SCO internet settings manually on their iPhone (iOS) or on their Android mobile can follow the given settings.

Manual Settings For Android

Open the Settings section is your Android operating system and click on Connections, usually contains Network & Internet. After that, choose Mobile Network and open the Access Point Name from the given tab.

Finally, click on Add (+) button and add new APN settings according to the SCOM Android version APN Internet Setting.

Name: SCO Mobile

APN: scointernet

MCC: 410

MNC: 05

APN protocol: Ipv4

APN roaming protocol: Ipv4

Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled

Note: Keep other options that are not mentioned above (blank)

Manual Configuration

That’s all; it is the method to manually set your internet settings for SCOM SIM in your Android mobile. You can get the internet settings via SMS for android, the SMS method is described at the end of this article.

Manual Settings For iPhone (iOS)

Do you own an iPhone (iOS) operating system machine? Not worry, because SCOM has also clearly mentioned the “manual internet settings for iOS” device. 1st of all, you just need to visit iPhone settings and click on the cellular section.

Now open the cellular data network and finally click on APN to edit (enter) a new APN (Internet Settings) in your iOS (iPhone) mobile network internet portion:

Cellular Data:

APN: scointernet


MMS Message Size: 1048576

Note: Keep other options that are not mentioned above (blank)

See: All Codes of SCOM

SCOM Internet Settings Through (SMS)

Write the word setting in a new SMS and send it to 605 code to get net settings by SMS method. Whether you are using iPhone or Android mobile, the SMS method to install the SCOM Internet Settings is the same for all devices. In this method, you just need to open & install the SMS, and done! Your internet settings will automatically save. Let’s see, how it works?

  • Type a new SMS
  • Write setting without any addition
  • Send the word setting to 605 code
  • In quick reply, you will receive a settings SMS
  • Open it and click on the OK Button to install it
  • Wait till the OS or iOS install new automatic settings
  • Done! You are ready to use 3G/4G or LTE on your SCOM SIM
Final Words

In case of any problem or not internet access in presence of data (internet settings), you have to contact the officials. Just dial 111-726-726 and inquire about your problem from the SCO helpline.

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