Ufone Advance Balance Code – UAdvance Loan

Dial Ufone Advance Balance Code *456# to get Rs 20 UAdvance / Loan. This service is available for all prepaid & postpaid users. However, the UAdvance code for postpay users is different and that is also described below.

Ufone never left its SIM users in times of difficulty. Hence, when a prepaid user faces a low balance then for such a difficult situation Ufone officials have launched UAdvance service.

In Pakistan, people search these common keywords Ufone Loan, UAdvance, Ufone Advance, Ufone Balance Advance, Ufone Balance Loan, and others. I want to clearly tell you that all these keywords refer to one topic, and that is “Ufone Advance Balance Code” and its charges.

Ufone Advance Balance Code

To get advance in Ufone you just have to dial *456# code on postpaid SIM. This code will give you 20 rupees that will be chargeback from your account on your next recharge. However, the officials will also charge 4.40 + Tax additional charges.

Here is the step-by-step details of the Ufone Advance Balance Code – Ufone Loan Code – Ufone UAdvance:

  • Dial *456#
  • You will receive Rs 20 loan
  • You will pay Rs 6 service charges
  • The next recharge will deduct Rs 26
  • Only prepaid users dial this code

Balance Drops Below Rs 11.95

You can only take advance in Ufone SIM when your balance is less than Rs 11.95 because it is the limit amount to take the loan. If you have more balance than 11.95 rupees present in your account, then you are not eligible to take the advance.

Postpay Loan

Now the question arises that how the postpaid users will take advance and what the charges will apply on the next recharge. Simply dial *229# and get a loan at the tax of Rs 5. Here is How To Transfer Balance From Ufone To Other networks via the U-Share service.

Why We Need a Loan?

In urgent cases when we have to send SMS or have to make a call or use the internet for searching or downloading, but we don’t have balance. Then on an urgent basis, loan is the only possible method that can help you.

Terms & Conditions
  • Both postpay & prepaid users can take a loan
  • Ufone loan will be deducted on the next recharge
  • Users who have ever used Rs 150 can get UAdvance
  • Ufone advance or loan service is same having 2 names
  • Click here to get full details about taxes from the Ufone site

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