Ufone 1 Hour Internet Package in 9 Rupees 2024

Do you want to get internet just for 1 hour on Ufone prepaid SIM? If Yes! Then you are on the right page because we are going to tell you about two packages (Streaming Offer & Power Hour) that provide 1-hour internet and minutes at an affordable price. Hence, we can say that getting Ufone 1-Hour Internet Package is possible due to these two buckets.

Internet always remains the need of Ufone prepaid users. But it depends upon the mood of the SIM user whether he/she wants to subscribe hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly net bucket. That’s why we published its latest net offers in our previous articles.

But today we come here with something new. Have you ever heard about the 60 Minutes net package? If not, then get ready to subscribe to the cheapest internet package of Ufone that also provides minutes with MBs.

Ufone 1 Hour Internet Package

Ufone 1 Hour Internet Package includes ‘Ufone Streaming Offer’ and ‘Ufone Power Hour’ respectively. All Ufone Hourly Internet Packages with codes & prices are present here.

It is now clear from the above conversation that in Ufone 4G there are two packages having hourly validity. These packages cost Rs 12 & Rs 9 including tax. With a subscription to these packages, you become able to access the internet or make calls for the next 60 minutes. Let’s take a look at both of these bundles, their codes, and subscription details separately.

Ufone Power Hour Offer

Ufone 1-Hour Internet Package comes with the activation of the “Ufone Power Hour Offer”. This package comes with 60 Ufone & PTCL Minutes, 60 SMS, and 60 MB of internet. Dial *99# and subscribe to this hourly bucket for the next 60 minutes at Rs 9.2 including tax.


Offer Name:Power Hour
(Ufone & PTCL)
Validity:1 Hour
(60 Minutes)
Price:Rs 9.2
Check Code:*707#

Ufone Streaming Offer

Here is another 1-hour bucket, having 500 MBs for YouTube and Dailymotion. We all know very well that both YouTube and Dailymotion are online video websites. That’s why this package name is an hourly streaming offer. The official subscription code of the package is *78# and it costs 12 rupees.


Offer Name:Streaming Offer
Validity:1 Hour
(60 Minutes)
Price:Rs 12
Check Code:*706#

Hourly Internet Offers

These two packages will provide you with 500 MBs and 60 MBs. You can watch HD videos (songs & movies) via 500 MBs. On the other hand, 60 MBs can provide you with plain internet access. Both of these packages are best for those Ufone users who always search for 1 Hour Internet/net package. Get details about Ufone Advance Balance from here.

Hourly Socializing

If you subscribe Power Hour bucket then it will make you eligible to use Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social media apps for 60 minutes for 9 rupees only. Hence, it is the best opportunity to use the internet on Ufone prepaid SIM.

Terms & Conditions
  • Both are prepaid offers
  • Call setup charges apply
  • Government taxes apply
  • Expiry will charge Rs 2.75 per MB
  • Get full info from the official Ufone site

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