Ufone Big Weekly Offer 2024 – Price, Code & Details

Ufone Big Weekly Offer is perfect for those prepaid users who want to activate a 7-day hybrid package at a low rate. This package provides all types of incentives without charging additional taxes from the user account.

You just need an Ufone Prepaid SIM and recharge your SIM with a 250+ balance. So that you can success activate Ufone Big Weekly Offer without any problem.

You must have noticed the word “big” in the following weekly package. The reason behind this name is the “massive incentive” that makes the following 7-day prepaid bucket very big.

Ufone Big Weekly Offer

Dial *246# and activate Ufone Big Weekly Offer to avail weekly 1000 Ufone to Ufone + PTCL Minutes, 8GB Internet Data, and 1000 SMS for 3G/4G SIM cards.

Here the 8GB of data is divided into 2 parts. 1st part contains 4GB that works 24/7 non-stop till the bundle expires. On the other hand, the 2nd part contains the remaining 4GB of data that works in special hours 1 AM to 8 AM daily continuously for 7 days.

Hybrid Bucket Details

Here the incentives, code, and subscription + remaining incentives check code are given below. Take a look at the full details of Ufone Big Weekly Offer through 1 chart:

Offer Name:Big Weekly
U & PTCL Minutes:1000
4GB Time:1 AM to 8 AM
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 250
Check Code:*706#

Note: Here, the half data from 8GB means 4 GB works off-peak time from (1 AM – 8 AM).

8000 MBs (2 Parts)

Basically, the Ufone Big Weekly Offer is available for all prepaid 2G/3G/4G users, and it provides the basic necessity (internet MB) of 8GB for 7 days. However, the main point of confusion is the 2 parts of internet data.

Basically, a total of 8GB of data works 7 days, of which 4GB works 24/7. And the remaining 4GB works between fixed hours 1 AM (midnight) to 8 AM (morning) every day. Hence, remain confusion-free and subscribe to this bucket after knowing the complete fact of data MBs and their timing.

Best For U & PTCL Calls

All U-users remain in touch with Ufone and PTCL numbers via a big weekly bucket. Because it is the only 1 package in the market that supports both Ufone and PTCL calls simultaneously with a huge capacity of 1000 minutes.

My Conclusion

Finally, we rest our today article on this conclusion that you can check “big weekly” via *706# for free. On the other hand, we have given a link to Ufone’s best bucket that will surely help you to stay connected to Ufone at affordable rates