Ufone Daily SMS Package Starting From PKR 1 Only

Ufone has many packages on daily basis. We have posted all Ufone Daily SMS Package with price on Apna4G. Take a look at these bundles.

Ufone Daily SMS Package | 1 Day

With these SMS bundles company is also giving away much more. Users will also get off-net & on-net minutes, SMS & Mbps in fewer amount. Ufone also gives away Ufone 2 Ufone minutes & PTCL minutes.

Ufone Daily SMS Package – 1 Night

With the Ufone Night SMS Package subscribers will get 300 SMS in just 1 rupee. These SMS are valid between 12 AM to 8 AM. The offer is valid for 1 day only. Send “Sub” to 609 to activate this offer.

Package Name:Ufone Night
SMS Package
Valid:12AM – 8AM
Validity:1 Day
Sub:SMS “Sub”
to 609

Ufone Daily SMS Package – On-Net SMS

Users will get 500 SMS that will be valid to only Ufone to Ufone users. You have to send a text message of “Sub” to 611. This offer will work for 24 hours and expire at the same time the next day.

2 rupees is the charge for the offer subscription.

Package Name:Ufone Daily
On-Net SMS
Valid:U – U
Validity:1 Day
Sub:SMS “Sub”
to 611

Ufone Daily SMS Package

Get a maximum of 1600 messages and enjoy your non-stop conservations with friends, family members & relatives all over the country. Send “Sub” from your messages to 605 free and activate this offer.

Package Name:Ufone Daily
SMS Package
Valid:All Networks
Validity:1 Day
Sub:SMS “Sub”
to 605

Ufone Daily Chat Package

Chat for 1 day with 10000 messages. These are counted as unlimited SMS. Just dial *3465# with your keypad. Your account must have PKR 6 to avail of this offer.

Package Name:Ufone Daily
Chat Package
Validity:1 Day

Super Recharge Offer

Recharge your account with PKR 50 & dial *300# and get 300 (U 2 U & PTCL) & 10 Off-net minutes with 100 Mbps internet.

Ufone Daily SMS Package Details

In addition, the user will get 700 SMS for 1 day.

Package Name:       Super Recharge
(U-U & PTCL)
Validity:1 Day

Ufone Power Hour

Ufone has a new offer valid for 1 hour only. Those subscribers who want a complete package for a while can get this marvelous offer by sending SMS “Sub” to 605. Offer has 60 SMS, 60 Mbps of internet & 60 On-net minutes.

Ufone Number Check Code

This offer is available for 6 rupees only.

Package Name:       Ufone Power
Validity:One Hour
Sub-Code:SMS “Sub”
to 605

Apna4G Final Words

All these bundles are perfect for those SMS subscribers who continue there conversation through SMS. These bundle’s incentives and there price is different from each other due to incentives amount. Take a look on all the bundles and select one for your 1 nigh or 1 day. Codes and price with incentives details are mention in the tables present below the packages name.

Click here for more details INFO & FaQs.

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