Ufone Eid Offer 2024 | Ufone Eid Gift Free Internet

Ufone Eid Offer gives free internet from 9 AM to 12 PM, Free WhatsApp, Free Facebook, and Eid Card to all prepaid users 100% free via Eidi. Here the details are present below:

In Pakistan, everyone celebrates EID with full fun and enjoys their selves. That’s why, to double the happiness of all Ufone users, the officials of Ufone 4G have launched a few offers & services that are absolutely free and make Eid day special.

Apna4G has described here a few Ufone packages, services, and codes that will give you access to free internet, downloading, and uploading on Eid day granted by Ufone officials. But these codes and offers are only prepaid SIM supported and activated on EID days.

Ufone Eid Offer 2024

There are total of 4 packages and services that work on Ufone SIM on the arrival of Eid 2024. You just need to follow the given steps and your Ufone SIM will automatically access 3G/4G free internet at the arrival of Eid al-Fitr 2024.

Get free MBs via 4 working free internet Ufone Eid offers:

  1. Ufone Muft Mornings
  2. Ufone Free WhatsApp
  3. Free Facebook on Ufone
  4. Ufone Eid Cards Offer

Let’s take a look at each offer/service separately and know the complete details about Eid gift / Eidi offers of Ufone 4G.

1st Ufone Eid Offer (Muft Morning)

Dial *4200# and get free 3G, 4G MBs in the morning time using Ufone prepaid SIM. These free MBs of *4200# code will work from 9 AM to 12 PM. Basically, these hours people access the internet.

Timing:9AM – 12PM
Validity:Never Expire

Hence, on EID day get free internet for 3 hours in the morning continuously for many days via “muft mornings”.

Ufone Eid Offer (1)

All of us know that on EID day all family members stay at home, and they use MBs to contact friends. Hence, this is a perfect way to connect with friends for free.

2nd Offer (Free WhatsApp)

Dial *987# and with an Eid WhatsApp gift, enjoy unlimited WhatsApp on your prepaid 3G/4G SIM continuously without an expiry date.

Offer Name:Ufone Free WhatsApp
Validity:Never Expire

Note: It is for prepaid SIM cards only.

Ufone Eid Offer (2)

Here in this image free WhatsApp trick + details are present:

3rd Offer (Free Facebook)

The social media king app (Facebook) is also free on Ufone while the Eid holidays. Yes! Just open Facebook and click on “Free Facebook Option” to access all FB features without paying any fee.

Offer Name:Ufone Free FB
Validity:Never Expire

On a few cards, this offer remains to activate lifetime.

free FB Ufone

However, Ufone’s free FB offer also expires on many cards after a few months.

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4th (Ufone Eid Cards Offer)

This Eid celebrates your day with a unique style by using Ufone Eid Card (new offer) present free for all users. Yes! Ufone is giving an opportunity to all users (to create & send) Eid wish cards to loved ones for free. Yes! Here, the steps to make Ufone Eid Card are present below:

  • 1st of all, pick a card (choose your favorite design)
  • Type the name of the friend to whom you want to send a card
  • Finally, download the card and send a JPG file (image) to your loved one
Make a Card online

This is also a special free offer for all prepaid Ufone users by Ufone 4G. You can access this wonderful free card-making service by clicking on the image given above.

Double Eid al-Fitr Fun with Ufone

Finally, follow these steps and enjoy this EID with unlimited browsing and socializing using Ufone SIM. Moreover, never forget to see Apna4G related (free internet 3G/4G articles) so that you get the latest info about free offers of all telecom networks.