Ufone introduces Mansehra Offer at 100 Rupees 2024 | Details

Ufone Mansehra Offer – Both Special U Offer and Extreme Data Offer are specially customized for Mansehra. Activate online or subscribe using code to enjoy weekly internet, SMS and ON + Off Network minutes at affordable price.

Mansehra is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and is famous for its hills, mountains and beautiful sights. That’s why, Ufone has launched 2 different affordable Data & Hybrid packages for this area. And today in the article we will discuss these packs.

Remember 1 fact, there are 2 different packages in which 1st pack is for those users who want all-in-one incentives for 7 days. On the other hand, the 2nd package is for those users who only want internet data.

Ufone Mansehra Offer

Ufone Mansehra Offer provides 5GB Flat + 5GB Social, 5000 On-Net Minutes, 1000 SMS and 100 Off-Net Minutes. For subscription, please dial *4466# to activate Ufone Mansehra Offer.

You need to have 155 rupees in account to activate this location based Weekly offer on your prepaid SIM. This hybrid package details is present below.

Offer Name:Special U Offer
Ufone Minutes:5000
Other Minutes:100
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 155

Note: Here 5GB works on (flat) plain internet and 5GB on all social apps.

Special Internet Offer

2nd package for Mansehra on Ufone SIM is Extreme Data Offer. Dial *4466# to get 10GB Flat + 10GB Social data at just 180 rupees.

Offer Name:Extreme Data Offer
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 180

Note: Here 10GB works on (flat) plain internet and 10GB on all social apps.

Other Location Based Offers

For every town, village, city and areas the Ufone has launched specially customized Location Based (Regional Offers) and here we have mention all those regional offers. Hence, click on the link present here and get internet, call and SMS package that are just design for your area at affordable price.

Terms & Conditions
  • These are prepaid users
  • Offers are for Mansehra
  • Use 3G/4G social & flat data
  • It is a location based Ufone pack
  • Get full details from Ufone portal