Ufone Mobile Installment Plan For Redmi Note 11 – Kistpay

Ufone Mobile Installment Plan gives you opportunity to get Redmi Note 11 on Kistpay / Installments. Yes! You can now get mobile on installments from Ufone at low down payment. Here the network provide a maximum period to repay your installments.

All the prepaid and postpaid Ufone users can now get Smartphones, Tablets & other similar devices on installments from Ufone. Basically, the network now support “Kistpay Service” same like other telecom networks.

Hence it is a golden opportunity for those customers who can’t afford expensive smartphones. Now you are eligible to buy expensive Smartphones, Tablets & other similar devices on easy installments plans from Ufone new scheme. Let’s see more about this program.

Ufone Mobile Installment (Kistpay)

Currently Ufone is offering Redmi Note 11 for installments. You have option to choose Installment period 3 months or 6 months. Both these periods have different upfront, Down payment % and Monthly installment.

If we take a look at the mobile specifications that is available on Kistpay. Here you get 4GB RAM, 128GB ROM with a wide screen and much more. All these specifications are of Xiaomi Note 11. Official price of this mobile is Rs 54,999 and here how you can order it at installments through Kistpay Program.

3 Months6 Months
50% 60%50%60%
Rs 30524Rs 36024Rs 31624Rs 37124
Rs 12191Rs 9753Rs 6875Rs 5500

Takaful Coverage

Here a big benefit for those Ufone users who get a device from Ufone Mobile Installment Plan (Kistpay) is this that all of them will get Smartphones, Tablets & other similar devices with Takaful Coverage. It means they have got insurance of their device in case of any damage, device loss and being theft.

Ufone Kistpay

How To Get Mobile On Installments?

Online application is not possible, hence you need to visit nearest Ufone sales and service center and ask the agent to get device on installments plans via new Kistpay scheme. That’s it, you will get your favorite device on easy installment plan according to your choice of installment period, down payment and total upfront. Here we have mention the method to Reverse Ufone Load for free.

Terms & Conditions
  • Mention price is fixed
  • User need to provide basic identity documents
  • Applicant need to provide his / her basic details
  • Applicant agree to pay all taxes and other price
  • In case user device lost Ufone lock your device
  • Until final installment phone will be property of Ufone
  • User need to provide his / her CNIC copy to Ufone officials
  • For more terms & conditions please visit Ufone Kistpay page

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