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To ensure free data connectivity the Ufone 4G has introduced Ufone Muft Mornings Offer for prepaid users. Get free daily internet on Ufone SIM via new offer and enjoy the fastest 4G experience without paying any single rupees.

Getting internet on telecom SIM always costs a few rupees. But 1st time in the history of telecom networks in Pakistan, Ufone has launched a free data package.

Basically, this internet package works on all prepaid SIM cards for a fixed time of 3 hours from 9 AM to 12 PM (morning). Subscribe to this code and get 3 hours every day till the free incentives work 2 weeks (14 days) on 1 SIM.

Ufone Muft Mornings Offer

Getting free internet for 14 days (2 weeks) on Ufone SIM from 9 AM to 12 PM has become possible via *4200# code. This code works on 1 SIM for 14 days and after that, you can’t activate Muft Mornings on your number.

It is the 1st unique (free internet) offer launched in Pakistan since the launch of telecom networks. That’s why Ufone has kept this offer a limited time bucket. But for now (2024) you can dial the code gets every day free data.

How to Subscribe to Muft Mornings?

Code and Online (number insert & subscribe) is available for this free internet offer. We have mentioned the code trick here on this page, including its other details:

Free Bucket:Muft Mornings
Timing:9 AM to 12 PM
Validity:14 Days
Price:0 Rupee

3 Hours 4G Usage

Every day from 9 AM to 12 PM (3 hours) enjoy unlimited 4G data on Ufone SIM via Muft Morning’s bucket. This package is available for all prepaid SIM cards. The code is given above.

1 Time Subscription Offer

This offer is a free & 1-time subscription offer. This means that you will be able to activate the Muft Mornings *4200# only one time in your life. Hence, it would be not wrong to say that following free data bucket in a “1 Time Subscription Offer”.

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Basic Conditions
  • It is a free net offer
  • Prepaid users can apply
  • No tax + price will apply
  • This offer to work for 14 days
  • Every day data works 3 hours
  • Data timing is 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Multiple subscription is not possible
  • FUP* applies and user get 3 GB daily
  • After 12 PM network charge Rs 2.75 + Tax MB
  • Click here and get full information about free offer

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