Ufone Other Network Call Offers | Ufone All Network Minutes 2023

Ufone Other Network Call Packages are providing special discounts on daily, weekly and monthly Ufone All Network Minutes. Let’s see the new bundles along with their prices and codes.

Basically, Ufone is the one and only telecom network in Pakistan that provide cheap rates for an off-network calling experience. You know it well that there are 5 telecom networks including Jazz Warid, Zong, Ufone, Telenor, and SCOM. That’s why managing calling rates for each network is very difficult for Ufone.

In such a difficult situation Ufone has managed this condition wisely. Hence this network has launched many packages that provide call minutes for others as well as on-network minutes. However, we have tried our best to mention here only those packages that contain off-networks minutes more than other incentives.

Ufone All Network Minutes

There are numerous packages that contain Ufone off-net minutes, on-net minutes, SMS, and MBs. However, we have collected here the best packages that provide only “Ufone Off-Net Minutes” at cheap rates.

All Network Minutes Voice Offers

The first bundle is the “Ufone Off-Net Minutes Package” is UWon. This is the best bundle having a unique structure that works totally differently. Basically, users can call any network in Pakistan in fix rate of 2.99 per minute including (Zong, Ufone, Telenor, Warid, PTCL, Jazz, and SCOM). Hence this is an all-network calling package.

Offer Details:

Offer Name:UWon Offer
Jazz Calls:2.99 per Mint
Zong Calls:2.99 per Mint
PTCL Calls:2.99 per Mint
SCOM Calls:2.99 per Mint
Warid Calls:2.99 per Mint
Ufone Calls:2.99 per Mint
Telenor Calls:2.99 per Mint
All Net SMS:2.03 per SMS
Internet MBs:2.75 per MB
SMS Code:SMS 1 to 444

Note: UWon is a prepaid offer charge according to “previous call duration”

Other Net Voice Offers

Here is the second bundle that is best to use as the “Ufone Off-Net Minutes Package”. In this package, users can call on other networks according to each minute fixed rate. Yes! You can call on all networks with the same rate charges of 1.49 rupees per 30 seconds. On the other hand, Rs 2.03 is implemented for sending one SMS to any network.

Package Details:

Offer Name:Sasta Package
Jazz Calls:1.49 per 30 sec
Zong Calls:1.49 per 30 sec
PTCL Calls:1.49 per 30 sec
SCOM Calls:1.49 per 30 sec
Warid Calls:1.49 per 30 sec
Ufone Calls:1.49 per 30 sec
Telenor Calls:1.49 per 30 sec
All Net SMS:2.03 per SMS
Internet MBs:2.75 per MB

Note: This is valid for prepaid users only.

Off-Net Bundles

These two mainly use the “Off-Network Bundles” of Ufone. Hence those users who want to call on other networks by using Ufone SIM can use one package from these two bundles because these are the best-rate off-net calling bundles.

Non Expiry Offer

When a user activates one bundle from above then it always remains to activate because there are no incentives that will expire. You will pay for those calls only that you make. The company will not charge additional money from your account. Get 2GB Ufone WhatsApp Monthly by using this link.

Apna4G Result

According to us, these are the best packages for those users who remain worried about network additional balance deductions. This bundle will charge according to the minutes & seconds you call. Hence remain tension-free and activate anyone from these best Ufone off-network bundles.

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