Ufone to PTCL Call Packages | Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

You will get surprised to know that Ufone is owned by PTCL telecom. Hence there are numerous Ufone to PTCL Call Packages. We have described here hourly, daily, weekly and monthly Ufone to PTCL call offers. Their official price, subscription code, unsubscribe code, and details are present in this article.

Ufone is the only network in Pakistan that is owned by the official telecom authority of the government. Hence this network has wide coverage in the whole country. People who have PTCL connections in their homes prefer Ufone SIM cards on their mobiles because (Ufone to PTCL) call is considered an on-network call.

Charges for these two network call always remain low because there are no additional taxes applied. You can call from one Ufone number to another PTCL number at affordable rates.

Ufone to PTCL Call Packages

These bundles include different validity bundles having different prices. But always remember that both of these networks are the same in base hence charges (on-network rates) while Ufone to PTCL call.

Starting from the hourly package the officials have designed 120 minutes bundle. Let’s take a look at its incentives then we will continue our article in ascending order (price & minutes).

Ufone to PTCL 2 Hours

The first package of the day is the “Best Call Offer” launched by Ufone specially designed for PTCL calls only. In this bundle, the user will receive “unlimited minutes” that will work for 2 hours (120 minutes). Yes! This two-hour bundle is the first bundle that provides Ufone to PTCL calling minutes.

There are two methods through which you can activate this offer. Dial *343# to activate the 2-hour bundle or use the “Ufone App” to subscribe to this bundle. The price of this package is Rs 6 including tax.

Offer Name:Best Call
U to U & PTCL Mints:Unlimited
Validity:2 Hours
Price:Rs 6
Check-Code:Ufone App

Note: Call setup charges of Rs 0.13 will apply

24 Hour Bundle

The next package in this list is “Best Day Offer” having minutes & MBs for subscribers. Incentives of this bundle are 500 U to U and PTCL minutes and 500 MBs for Facebook. The bundle subscription code is *6060# and the official price is Rs 11.99 only.

Offer Name:Best Day Offer
U to U & PTCL Mints:500
Facebook MBs:500
Validity:24 Hours
Price:Rs 11.99
Check-Code:Ufone App

Note: Call setup charges of Rs 0.12 applies per call

1 Day Offer

Dial *5700# and activate the “Beyhisaab Offer” which is giving away unlimited Ufone to PTCL minutes for 1 day (24 hours) for just Rs 14.5 only. Call setup charges of Rs 0.13 apply on each call you start.

Offer Name:Beyhisaab Offer
U to U & PTCL Mints:Unlimited
Validity:24 Hours
Price:Rs 14.5
Check-Code:Ufone App

Note: Fair Usage Policy applies (300 minutes)

7 Day Bundle

The weekly package provides 700 minutes for Ufone to Ufone + PTCL network. In addition, to use the internet you will get 100 MBs. Both of these incentives are available for Rs 100 including tax. The subscription code of this package is *8888# which will automatically activate this package.

Offer Name:Weekly Pakistan
U to U & PTCL Mints:700
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 100
Check-Code:Ufone App

30 Day Bundle

The last package of the day is the “Ufone & PTCL Monthly Pakistan Package”. This is a 30-day bundle providing 4000 (Ufone & PTCL) Minutes, and 400 plain MBs at a fixed price of Rs 418. To activate please dial *8888# from your Ufone prepaid SIM.

Offer Name:Monthly Pakistan
U to U & PTCL Mints:4000
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 418
Check-Code:Ufone App

Low Rates Calls

The rate of call between Ufone and PTCL apply according to the (on-network) calling rate. The main reason behind this fact is the mutual partnership of these telecom networks basically the root owner of these networks is one company. Hence they provide the same rate as on-network calling rates whenever a user starts a call between PTCL & Ufone. Get details about PTCL EVO Chargi Packages from here.

Lifetime Connectivity

With the wide range of 1-day, 7 days, and 30 days bundles you can get lifetime connectivity with your friends. In addition, there are no hidden charges for calls between Ufone & PTCL numbers.

Terms & Conditions
  • These are prepaid daily, weekly & monthly offers
  • Ufone call packages are valid to call on PTCL numbers
  • Call setup charges will apply on each call (Ufone & PTCL)
  • You can unsubscribe from these packages by using the “Ufone App”
  • For more codes, info & details please click on the Official link

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