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Ufone Launches UPower Card in Rs 260 (Details)

Ufone UPower Card 260 Rupees gives 4 options (All-in-One, Internet, On-Net & Off-Net Calls) and you can activate 1 option with 1 card.

Hence those users who want the internet can activate the data option, and those users who want minutes got the option of Off-Net or ON-Net minutes. Ufone always comes with such cards and packages that are unique and affordable.

On the other hand, all those users who want all-in-one incentives can activate 1st option to get all incentives via Rs 260 card. Lets see what we have got here in this card and updated price of this Upower card.

Ufone UPower Card 260 Rupees

Getting any type of incentive for 7 days of a week is possible via Ufone UPower Card 260 Rupees. Yes! We are talking about the latest Rs 260 Ufone card that is trending for all those users who want any incentive according to their needs.

According to officials, you will get a chance to activate an offer of any choice from four different options, price and activation process will remain the same.

Ufone UPower Card 260 Rupees

UPower 260 (1st Option)

1st option is a Ufone all-in-one bucket of 260 rupees card. Here the card gives 5GB, 80 other networks (off-net) minutes, and 2500 same network (PTCL & Ufone) minutes for 7 days. The price will remain the same at 260 but you have to activate 1st option (all-in-one) offer for this bucket activation.

Offer Name:Upower 260
Off-Net Minutes:80
On-Net Minutes:2500
Price:Rs 260
Code:*123*1*Card Number#

16GB in 260 (2nd)

Here the second option in UPower card 260 is a 16GB internet package. It provides 2G/3G/4G + LTE 16 GB internet including (8GB from 2am to 2pm) special timing.

Offer Name:Upower 260
Internet Pkg
Price:Rs 260
Code:*123*2*Card Number#

250 Off-Net Minutes (3rd)

The next option provides 250 Off + On Network minutes to call on any number in Pakistan. It provides 250 minutes for Ufone, Jazz, Telenor, Warid, SCOM, and PTCL numbers.

Offer Name:Upower 260
Off-Net Minutes
Off-Net Minutes:250
Price:Rs 260
Code:*123*3*Card Number#

U-U & PTCL CALLS (4th)

The fourth & last option of this card is to avail of “unlimited U-U & PTCL CALLS” for 260 rupees. Yes! This is the on-network option that provides unlimited minutes for 7 days for 260 rupees.

Offer Name:Upower 260
U & PTCL Calls:Unlimited
Price:Rs 250
Code:*123*4*Card Number#
How To Activate Any Option

Now the options are 4 and you can only activate one option from this list. Simply dial *1234# and activate any option with the addition of its number. Here is the method given below.

  • *123*1*Card Number# (Get 5GB, 80 off-net, 2500 On-Net)
  • *123*2*Card Number# (Get 16 GB via 2nd offer activation)
  • *123*3*Card Number# (Avail 250 Off-Net Minutes)
  • *123*4*Card Number# (Get unlimited U to U & PTCL Calls)

See: Ufone UPower Card Rs 30

Note: You just need to insert 1,2,3 or 4 between two stars present in code *123**Card Number#

How To Check UPower Incentives?

Check remaining minutes, SMS, and MBs in Ufone UPower 260 rupees card via *706# code. You can install the Ufone app to get the full details about the remaining incentives of the UPower card.

Terms & Conditions
  • It is a prepaid card
  • It is valid for 7 days
  • GST, FED, and AIT apply
  • No additional tax applies
  • Check incentives via *706#
  • You can activate any Upower offer online

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