Ufone Upower Card Rs 50 – Code and Details

Ufone UPower Card Rs 50 – Online activation code along with card SMS, Internet, Minutes and All-in-One incentives are described here on this page. Actually, it is the 1st card in the 5 cards row (Rs 50, Rs 90, Rs 180, Rs 230 and Rs 299). This card has 4 offers and here we have given the “online package” subscription and “code subscription” methods for prepaid users.

Basically, Ufone UPower Card Rs 50 comes with 1 day (24 hours) validity. That’s why it is very special in terms of both (cheap price & perfect combination of incentives). Hence, keep reading this article for full details about Upower 50 Rupees card.

Get unlimited calling minutes or the fastest 3G & 4G internet via Ufone Rs 50 UPower Card. This card comes in 4 different packages, and we have described each package separately with its code & online subscription link here in this article.

Ufone Upower Card Rs 50

On daily basis, you can subscribe to 1 package from 4 different options that include the ‘All-in-One’ offer, ‘internet’ package, ‘All Network Calls’ bucket and the last is the ‘U-U & PTCL Call’ bundle.

All these packages are available via this card at the same rate of Rs 50. Hence, it is the choice of the users what type of incentives or hybrid bucket they want to activate on their prepaid number.

4 Packages Options

Here the 50 rupees (daily) card also comes with 4 options (packages) same as the other cards comes with 4 options. But the number of incentives for these options changes with the card price.

Here are 4 options for the ‘Upower Rs 50 Card’

  • 1st Option (All in One)
  • 2nd Option (Internet)
  • 3rd Option (All Networks Calls)
  • 4th Option (U-U & PTCL Calls)
Ufone Upower Card Rs 50

We have described all these 4 options below, including their Subscription Codes & also the ‘online subscription’ links that will directly activate any package from the 4 options on your prepaid number. Let’s take a look at all these 4 options (Rs 50 Card) with full info:

1st Option (All in One)

UPower Rs 50 Card will give you 250 MBs, 10 Other Network Minutes, 200 Same Network (PTCL & U-U) Minutes and 200 SMS for 50 rupees. The activation code of the 1st option is *123*1*Card Number# code. On the other hand, the most used method to activate the 1st Option of 50 Rupees Upower Card is the ‘Online Method’ that is given below this chart:

Card Name:Upower Rs 50
1st Option:All in One
On-Net Minutes:200
Off-Net Minutes:10
Validity:1 Day
Price:50 Rupees
SUB-Code*123*1*Card Number# 
Ufone Upower Card Rs 50 All-in-One

2nd Option (Internet)

All those users who want to activate the data package (internet) for 1 day for 50 rupees can activate the 2nd option. This option provides 1GB (1000 MBs) for 24 hours. This data is valid for 3G & 4G devices. For the 50 Rupees, Upower Card “internet” 2nd option activation, please dial *123*2*Card Number# code.

Card Name:Upower Rs 50
2nd Option:Internet (MBs)
Validity:1 Day
Price:50 Rupees
SUB-Code*123*2*Card Number# 

Note: From1GB data, the half 500 MBs works from 2 am to 2 pm.

Ufone Upower Card Rs 50 Internet

3rd Option (All Networks Calls)

You can also receive 25 Minutes for all networks (Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor, Warid & PTCL) for 24 hours via the subscription of the third option of this bucket. Simply dial *123*3*Card Number# for subscription or click the link below and activate the package via an online portal.

Card Name:Upower Rs 50
3rd Option:All Net Calls
All-Net Minutes:25
Validity:1 Day
Price:50 Rupees
SUB-Code*123*3*Card Number# 
All Network Minutes

4th Option (U-U & PTCL Calls)

50 rupees card “Upower” 4th option is “on-network calls” bucket. Yes! Activate the fourth package and get unlimited “U-U & PTCL Calls” daily. The subscription code of the same network minutes in 50 rupees card is *123*4*Card Number# whereas you can activate it online via the Ufone portal link that is present below.

Card Name:Upower Rs 50
4th Option:U-U & PTCL Calls
U-U & PTCL Minutes:Unlimited
Validity:1 Day
Price:50 Rupees
SUB-Code*123*4*Card Number# 

Note: According to the Fair usage policy, the user will get 1200 minutes.

U-U & PTCL Minutes
Apni Marzi Chala Cards

The Ufone 4G launched the “Upower Cards” in January 2024. These cards include three variants having prices of Rs 50, Rs 90, and Rs 180. Now, these 3 cards have a validity of (1 day, 2 days & 7 days) respectively. Each card contains 4 packages (options).

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Now if you bought a card then you have to choose which option means (package) you want to activate. We have described the packages (4 options) of each card and their prices with their online & code subscription methods on the Apna4G site and other pages. Visit these links and get info about other cards with their packages.

More Info: 90 Rupees Upower Card

Check Upower MBs & Minutes

Now the main question is to check the remaining MBs & Minutes (on + off) network of the UPower Card. Simply download the Ufone app and inquire what percentage of incentives has been left on your number.

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Code Activation Method

1st of all, the trick of online activation is best. However, if you want to activate the 50 rupees Upower card via code then the following procedure will help you.

  • 1st Option Activate via *123*1*Card Number#
  • 2nd Option Sub through *123*2*Card Number# 
  • 3rd Option will activate through *123*3*Card Number# 
  • 4th Option will subscribe via *123*4*Card Number#
UPower Card Terms
  • It is a prepaid card
  • Call setup charges will deduct
  • This card is available for 50 rupees
  • This will work for only 1 day (24 hours)
  • No add-on is possible in Upower Card
  • Get full info and details from Ufone’s official portal

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