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Ufone Introduces UPower Card Rs 70 – (SUB & UNSUB)

2nd card in this list is Ufone UPower Card Rs 70 that provides incentives (SMS, MBs & Calls) for 2 days. Here everything is the same as other cards but the main difference is the number of incentives that have been reduced to 50% less as compared to the 120 rupees card.

That’s why for complete info the 2nd card (Ufone UPower Card in Rs 70) is present on this page with full details. We also have mentioned the codes & scratch card (digits) details about which you must have known.

What is UPower and why it is trending these days? Basically, the UPower is the name of three (3) different cards. These cards cost 30 rupees, 70 rupees, and 120 rupees. We are talking about a 70 rupees card here in this post.

Ufone UPower Card Rs 70

2 days valid card is available in all telecom shops. In addition, you can get a card online (get the digits and recharge any package from 4 options) online on your prepaid number. However, we prefer the physical activation of this card. Similarly, we have clearly mentioned the code subscription method here.

And I think that a code subscription of Rs 70 card is easier than other tricks. Hence get a card today and activate any package from 4 different bundles. Basically, the card has 1 call package, 1 SMS package, 1 internet package, and 1 package is a hybrid (combination of all incentives) in one bucket. Hence just scratch the card and activate 1 bucket from 4 different options.

4 Packages Options

As you know that each “Upower” card has 4 packages. Now it’s on you which package you activate. Here is how you will activate 1 package from 4 different options and the incentives of each option are given below with their subscription code.

  • 1st Option: (MBs, SMS & Minutes)
  • 2nd Option: (Internet 3G and 4G)
  • 3rd Option: (All Network Calling Minutes)
  • 4th Option: (On-Network Calling Minutes)
4 buckets info

These four options (packages) are present on a 70 rupee Ufone Upower card. Now get info about each bucket from below and remember to note their subscription code because each bucket subscription code is different and the major code is *1234# to which we have to make some changes according to the package you are going to subscribe to.

1st Option (Hybrid)

If the user activates the first options package via scratch digits of 70 rupees Upower Card then officials will provide 500 MBs, 500 On-Net (Ufone Minutes), and 20 Off-Net (Other Network) Minutes with the UPOWER Option 1 bucket. Dial *123*1*Card Number# for 1st package of that card.

Offer Name:Upower Card
Option Num:1st
On-Net Minutes:500
Off-Net Minutes:20
Price:Rs 70
Validity:2 Days
SUB-Code:*123*1*Card Number# 
1st bucket

2nd Option (MBs)

By dialing *123*2*Card Number# you can activate the 2nd option package of 70 rupees Upower Card. Its incentives are limited to the internet only and the user will receive 2GB (2000 MBs) for 2 days for 70 rupees.

Offer Name:Upower Card
Option Num:2nd
Price:Rs 70
Validity:2 Days
SUB-Code:*123*2*Card Number# 

Note: 2GB Half data 1GB works from 2 am to 2 pm.

2nd bucket

3rd Option (All Net Minutes)

The 3rd option gives you the opportunity to call on any network in Pakistan for 50 minutes for the same (2 days) validity. The subscription of 50 minutes through 70 rupees card is possible via *123*3*Card Number# respectively.

Offer Name:Upower Card
Option Num:3rd
All-Net Minutes:50
Price:Rs 70
Validity:2 Days
SUB-Code:*123*3*Card Number# 
Ufone UPower Card Rs 60 3rd

4th Option (On-Net Minutes)

Do you want to call friends? Then here is the best offer that will provide on-network (Ufone & PTCL) unlimited minutes for 2 days on a 70 rupees card. Just scratch your UPower Card and dial *123*4*Card Number# for this 4th option activation.

Offer Name:Upower Card
Option Num:4th
On-Net Minutes:Unlimited
Price:Rs 70
Validity:2 Days
SUB-Code:*123*4*Card Number# 

Note: In this unlimited term the Fair usage policy of 2000 minutes applies.

Ufone UPower Card Rs 60 4th
Activation Codes Distribution

Remember that you can only subscribe to any Upower card via *1234# code. But the main point of notice is its 4 packages scheme. Just dial 1, 2, 3, or 4 in *1234# code according to the subscription of your choice. The picture of 4 packages is always present on the card to tell the subscriber “what type of package they want” through Upower.

  • Get hybrid package via *123*1*Card Number# code
  • SUB data offer through *123*2*Card Number# code
  • Activate other network calls with *123*3*Card Number# 
  • Get unlimited U & PTCL minutes via *123*4*Card Number#

Remember that all these 4 options are present in Rs 70 UPower Card. Hence the 4-in-1 card is a blessing for prepaid users.

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Can We Check Incentives?

Yes! you can surely check how many MBs, SMS, Minutes, or all-in-one incentives are remaining on your 7 days, 2 days, or daily bucket. Check Ufone Balance via the app. You can also check your UPower card via Ufone App.

  • Inquire about Incentives through the app
  • SUB & UNSUB Package via app
  • Check Call & SMS full history free
  • Buy cards online via this Ufone App

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You can download 1 app from the play store and this app has numerous benefits including those benefits that are present above.

Card Term & Conditions
  • This is a card
  • The validity of the card is 2 day
  • All types of taxes are included
  • The original price is Rs 70 + taxes
  • Get full info about the prepaid card from here

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