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Ufone Launches UPower Card in Rs 120 (Details)

Ufone UPower Rs 120 Card with 4 different options (packages) including On-Net, Off-Net, SMS & MBs 3G/4G offers has been launched for prepaid subscribers (Ufone SIM Users).

According to these packages, the user can activate any 1 package with a 120 rupees card. But remember that validity of a hundred rupees card is only 7 days (weekly).

Hence this weekly card gives you options to subscribe whether the SMS package, Call bundle, internet offer, or 1 hybrid bucket. 4 Options’ complete details including their codes, and incentives (SMS, Minutes & MBs) with their original link is given here on this page. Hence stay connected with us and read the full article to get accurate details via 100% authentic sources of Apna4G.

 Ufone UPower Rs 120

According to the hundred rupees package, the user can avail of the different incentives (that are described below) for 7 days. It’s the choice of the user (card owner) what type of incentives (SMS, Minutes, MBs, or Hybrid) bucket users want to activate for 7 days on their prepaid Sim via using the scratch card number of this 120 rupees card.

These incentives are just launched by the officials so that you can activate any bucket from below with this Ufone UPower Rs 120 Card.

Rs 120 UPower Sub Online

You can also subscribe online to this 120 rupees card and get 1GB of internet, 25 other network minutes, 1000 same network (On-Net) Minutes, and 1000 SMS for 7 days. Click on this image and follow these steps:

  • Click Image below
  • Type your Ufone number & click subscribe
  • Now your number will receive a confirmation SMS
  • Reply to this confirmation SMS with “Y” and activate this Service
 Ufone UPower Rs 120

4 Options (Rs 120 Card)

The hundred and twenty rupees card gives these 4 options and we have described the incentives and subscription code of each option (package) here on this page in step-by-step detail:

  • 1st Option (All-in-One Bucket)
  • 2nd Option (Internet 3G & 4G)
  • 3rd Option (All Network Calls)
  • 4th Option (U to U & PTCL Calls)

When you bought a Ufone UPower Card for Rs 120 then you have these options to choose from. Just select one bucket and dial your scratch card digits with that option number according to the given method:

incentives 120 bundle

1st Option (All-in-One Bucket)

The Ufone 120 rupees card provides its 1st option in the form of an “all-in-one package” for card owners. Yes! The subscribers will get all types of incentives in “option 1” if the users activate the scratch card digits with option 1st. Here are the details of the incentives:

Card Name:Rs 120 Card
Option:1st (All-in-One)
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 120
Data:1000 MBs
1 GB
SUB-Code:*123*1*Card Number# 
full package (all items) 120

As you know the subscription code of “UPower Card” is *1234# but it is further divided into 4 portions (codes) because of four different packages of each Rs 30, Rs 60, 120, and Rs 250 cards. The other 3 package subscriptions and incentives are given below.

2nd Option (Internet 3G & 4G)

Rs 120 card of Upower provides “internet 3G & 4G” in its option no# 2. Here the subscribers get 3 GB (3000 MBs) internet for 7 days via this 120 rupees card (option 2) subscription. Here is the half data (1.5GB) of this bucket works from 2 AM to 2 PM.

Card Name:Rs 120 Card
Option:2nd Option (Internet)
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 120
3G + 4G Data:3000 MBs
(3 GB
Including:1.5GB from
2am to 2pm
SUB-Code:*123*2*Card Number# 
just 3g 4g net 120

3rd Option (All Network Calls)

The third package that has been included as an option bucket in a 120 rupees card is an “all network call” package that gives 80 minutes to call on (Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor, Warid, and PTCL) numbers. This bucket will work for 7 days for 120 rupees and the complete info with the subscription code is given here:

Card Name:Rs 120 Card
Option:3rd Option
(All-Net Calls)
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 120
All-Net Minutes:80
SUB-Code:*123*3*Card Number# 
Ufone UPower Rs 120 second last

4th Option (U to U & PTCL Calls)

The last package in the Rs 120 Upower card is the weekly “U to U & PTCL Calls” package. Yes! you will receive unlimited minutes to call on any PTCL and Ufone prepaid number via the 4th option package of “Upower Card 2022” by subscribing to it via *123*4*Card Number# code. Here the main notice point is this, you will get 2500 minutes according to (FUP) fair usage policy.

Card Name:Rs 120 Card
Option:4th Option
(U to U & PTCL Calls)
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 120
U to U & PTCL Minutes:Unlimited
SUB-Code:*123*4*Card Number# 

Note: Fair usage policy will only provide 2500 minutes.

Ufone UPower Rs 120 last
How To Subscribe to Any Offer on Upower Card (4 Options)

Basically, the Upower activation code is *1234# but it is clear that all 3 UPower cards have 4 options to subscribe to each. It means when you buy an Upower card then you have 4 options (choices) that include SMS, Call, Internet, or Hybrid buckets. Now it’s on you that you subscribe to Options 1, 2, 3, or 4 from this list.

See: U-power 3 Cards (All)

These codes of subscription are given here

  • *123*1*Card Number# (This will activate the 1st Option All-in-One Offer)
  • *123*2*Card Number# (This will activate 2nd Option Internet 3G & 4G Package)
  • *123*3*Card Number# (This will activate the 3rd Option All Network Calls Bucket)
  • *123*4*Card Number# (This will activate the 4th Option U to U & PTCL Call Offer)

See: Ufone Power Hour (1 Hour) Offer

Activate Rs 120 Card Online

The Ufone also gives the option to activate any four packages of this Rs 100 card online via the official portal. Hence you can click here and get the full info about the Upower card and its Rs 100 card online activation from here.

Subscribe Online & Get 1GB Free

Those users who subscribe to any option (offer) from this UPower 120 online will also get 1GB of free Facebook and Free YouTube (1000 MBs) respectively. Hence this 1GB of data will be given to those users who activate Upower 120 online.

1GB free
Terms & Conditions
  • This is a prepaid card
  • GST will apply to the card
  • The call setup charges apply
  • The validity of this card is 7 days
  • Get full info from the Ufone portal

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