How to Unlock Jazz 4G Device For All SIM Cards | 100% Working

Easily Unlock Jazz 4G Device (mf927u, mf673, b19, b22, b23, b21, b25) in Pakistan via three easy steps with the help of the Jazz WiFi Magical App 2024 free.

Mobilink Jazz has launched the latest Jazz 4G Wi-Fi, MIFI, HOME Wi-Fi & WINGLE devices at low prices. These internet devices provide the best internet speed in cheap packages.

Hence, we can say that these devices have become a complete source of speedy and cheap internet for a common person in Pakistan. In this post, we are going to teach you “How to Change Jazz Wi-Fi Device Password” in easy steps.

Unlock Jazz 4G Device (Free)

You just have to follow the following instructions, which we have highlighted with images to guide you.

  • Firstly, download the “Jazz WIFI App” on a device (Mobile or PC)
  • Now install this app.
  • After installation complete “Open the app”
  • Connect your Jazz WIFI device with that mobile or PC.
  • Click on 3 Red Lines present on the top left side.
  • Now click on the option “Settings”
  • Click on “WIFI Settings”
  • Type a New Name & Change your device name in the SSID option.
  • Change the password by clicking on “WIFI Key”
  • Click on “Apply”

Unlock & Change Password Free

Congratulations! You have successfully changed your Jazz Wi-Fi Device Password. You can save a new name & password according to your wish. Many people save a new SSID & key in their own name. This causes people to recognize that this device belongs to that man.

In the Setting section, the “row” will be present according to this order (that is present below) in this image. Remember that every Jazz device has different settings.

Unlock Jazz WIFI Device & Change Password

Forget Your Jazz Device Password?

If you have forgotten your device password and are unable to connect. Don’t worry, we have an easy solution.

  • If you have forgotten your password, then “Rest your device”.
  • Open the back cover of your device.
  • Press the tiny button present under the cover.
  • Your device setting has been configured to reset.
  • Now you can connect to your device & change its password.
  • For More details, click on INFO & FAQs.
My Conclusion

Remember that the Jazz telecom network has launched many devices in the last few years. Hence, it depends upon the Jazz 3G/4G device, its settings, IP, access point, connectivity level, and other important points that “how to unlock it” for free. However, you can see our more articles for further details. Click here and take a look at the full procedure for Jazz Digit 4G Unlock method for free.

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