Zong Internet Setting 2022 | Zong APN Setting (Android & iOS)

Are you searching for Zong Internet Settings? Check its GPRS, 2G/3G/4G LTE, and MMS settings from here. We have described each setting with an accurate IP address and port number.

Now getting access to your android and iOS has become easy with 3G/4G LTE telecom networks. To access the internet on Zong SIM 1st of all subscribe to any prepaid or postpaid internet package.

When you get internet MBs on Zong SIM then you have to set up a new setting for “Zong internet protocol” with manual configuration. In simple words just insert the internet IP & port number as given below.

Zong Internet Setting 2022

There are three methods through which you can set up Zong internet settings on Android & iOS devices. You just need to choose one method from these to get internet access.

Configuration tricks include SMS, helpline, and manual settings.

  • SMS 3G/4G Settings
  • Automatic helpline settings
  • Manual Configuration in device settings

Let’s talk about each method separately below. In the end, you have to follow that method from these two which looks easy to follow for you. 1st we have described the automatic method and at the end, we have provided manual configuration for you.

SMS 3G/4G APN (Internet Settings)

To receive internet settings through SMS you have to send an SMS on 2161 for free. Here these are the basic steps that you must have to follow:

  • Type a new SMS
  • Type “all” in that SMS
  • Now send this SMS to 2161
  • You will receive settings in few sec
  • Now open that settings you just received
  • It will require a pin to open & install the setting
  • The official pin has been set by Zong and it is 1234
  • Now click on “save & install” button for settings configuration
  • Congratulations! Your internet settings for all formats have been saved

Helpline APN Details

Those android and iOS users who can’t configure the internet settings manually will have to get it from automatic sources. This is only possible by dialing the official helpline of Zong. Follow these steps:

  • Dial 310
  • Wait till call connect
  • Now ask the agent for net settings
  • Tell him your device type (android or iOS)
  • They will send you automatic internet settings
  • End the call and open that settings they have just send
  • Your device ip, port, GPRS and MMS will automatically set
  • Now you can use internet on Zong SIM by using that device

Manual APN Details

For manual APN (GPRS, WAP & MMS) for android and iOS settings, you have to follow the table setting given below. By inserting the given figures your device will automatically get connected with Zong 3G/4G LTE internet.

GPRS & WAP (Internet)

This is the setting of GPRS internet for 3G/4G and LTE devices. Please follow these features and edit correctly in your network settings through the SM & network settings portion of your mobile. Those people who want to access the internet and MMS both will have to configure the WAP settings. This is a 3G/4G port configuration.

Please note its manual settings below:

Login Name
WAP Gateway IP10.81.6.33

Adroid & iOS Configuration

In the end, those users who own a special or advanced (android or iOS) version can configure their internet settings according to the given manner:

APNZong internet
Authentication Type:None
APN Type:default
How To Open Settings?

Now it is a question mark for those new users who don’t even know where to configure the new internet settings. Just open the device settings, now click on network settings, and at the end open internet settings. Here you have to insert given GPRS, Internet, 3G/4G, LTE, and MMS settings according to the above tables. Get details about the latest Zong TV Packages with details from here.

Configuration Result

Once you successfully configure the settings then you must have to restart your device. On the next start, your android or iOS will automatically get connected to Zong internet. Note: BlackBerry has the same configuration as android devices. Get more details from the official website of the network.

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