Jazz Caller Name Unsubscribe Code 2024

Dial *7773*5# and Unsubscribe Jazz Caller Name Service. Or you can send UNSUB to 7773 to deactivate this service from your prepaid or postpaid number.

Whether you use iPhone or Android, you can activate the Jazz Caller Name service and get notified about people who call on your number.

Basically, we face trouble when we receive calls from an unknown number. It may be your friend or someone unknown. Hence, you have to pick the unknown number calls just to inquire that “who they are and why they call you” on your number.

Jazz Caller Name Unsubscribe Code

It is a big issue that revolves around us that we know the “subscription codes” of all services because they are easily available on the internet. But the un-subscription codes are difficult to find.

That’s why Apna4G has decided to describe the “deactivation – un-subscription” codes of all major and minor services of Jazz on this portal. That’s why we have described the following service “Jazz Caller Name” full description details (code & SMS Unsub) on this page.

Full Details:

Service Name:Jazz Caller
Price:Rs 2.80
Per Day
SUB via Code:*7773#
SUB via SMS:Send “SUB”
to 7773
UNSUB via Code:*7773*5#
to 7773

Code Method To Unsub

1st of all, take a look at the “code method” that will quickly and easily deactivate Jazz Caller Name Service. Simply dial *7773*5# and “cancel the service subscription” immediately for free.

SMS Method To Unsub

It’s time to deactivate the Call Name Service in Jazz 4G by using the SMS trick. In this trick, you just need to type a message having content “UNSUB” and send it to 7773 code. You will automatically get rid of this daily & weekly charges deduction service.

Why Do Users Deactivate Service?

Finally, it’s time to tell you the reason behind the deactivation of this service. Basically, following the “caller name” service charges a lot of money (balance) from the user’s account continuously. That’s why we need to end this service on prepaid and postpaid SIM cards.

  • Prepaid: Rs 2.80+Tax per Day
  • Postpaid: Rs 35+Tax per Month

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Hence, it is good to deactivate this service by the given method successfully. Otherwise, you will remain in a money lending situation because it is an auto-renewal service. We advise our dear visitors to follow the method that is describe above and get rid of this regular money deduction service.

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