Jazz Notify Me Unsubscribe Code 2024

Dial *6528*1# to Unsubscribe Jazz Notify Me Service on prepaid and postpaid SIM. You can also call 111 and ask them to deactivate the service permanently from your number.

Jazz Notify Me is an authentic and official “notification” service. As a result, this service enables the Jazz prepaid and postpaid users to get info about the numbers (whether they are available or not).

When you call any number while having “notify me” service active on your number than 3 possibilities come. 1st (whether the call connects), 2nd (maybe receive number is powered off). Finally, a 3rd possibility is (maybe the receiver number is out of coverage) from the network.

Unsubscribe Jazz Notify Me

You can get notifications about any number (its availability) or not via Jazz Notify Me Service. It sends you an SMS Notification in the following form “you call the following number today, but it was unavailable, now you can call on it because this number is back on the network”.

Hence, those users who want to enjoy this service can keep it but those users who are worried about balance deduction and want to deactivate this “notification service” so that users can save their balance. Consequently, For such users, we have mentioned the possible “deactivation tricks” below.

Unsub via *6528*1#

Simply dial *6528*1# code and deactivate the “Jazz Notify Me” service. These notifications will automatically turn off and will never receive notification messages again. In fact, this is a free procedure, and you don’t have to pay a single rupee for the deactivation of “Notify Me” on the prepaid and postpaid network.

Unsubscribe Jazz Notify Me:*6528*1#
Deactivation Price:Rs 0

Notify Me Price (Daily)

According to Jazz officials, the network will charge Rs 2.00 every day when you activate the “Notify Me” service. Hence, the monthly charges of this SMS alert service become Rs 60.

  • Rs 2.00 (Daily)

Furthermore, this price is enough for those users who complain that Jazz deducts their balance without any reason. Hence, unsub this service to Save Jazz balance. Just dial a simple code and get rid of Notify Me service permanently. In future this service will never activate automatically. You will need to subscribe it manually.

See: Jazz My Status Unsubscribe

See: Jazz Caller Name Unsubscribe

There is no need to keep such extra services which deduct your balance. Hence Jazz network introduce unsub code of all services. If you feel any service is extra on your SIM. Then simply deactivate (unsub) that service. This will result as save your balance for future use. Enjoy the best service of Jazz on your SIM at affordable price. And never feel alone if you are getting worry about any service.

Terms & Conditions
  • Notify Me Sub code is *6528#
  • Unsubscribe code of Notify Me is *6528*1#
  • This offer charge 2 daily and 60 rupees (monthly)
  • Jazz Notify Me Service (prepaid & postpaid) is auto-renewal
  • Un-subscription of this service is absolutely free and possible 24/7
  • Likewise, Additional taxes will apply according to (GST, AIT, FED) taxes
  • Moreover, Get full details about message notification service from Jazz portal

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