Zong Call Divert Code 2024 – Zong Call Forwarding Service

It is important to clear the confusion that “Zong Call Divert Code” & “Zong Call Forwarding Service” are the same. Hence this is one service having different names due to its working style.

Basically, “Call Divert” or “Call Forwarding” service was introduced by Zong for those users who don’t want to receive specific people’s calls or SMS. For example, those people who are in meetings and can’t receive incoming calls then they can simply forward that coming call to their friends, relatives, or colleague’s numbers.

This service is a very rarely used service and few people know about it. However, it is very easy to use, and you don’t have to pay much for “Zong Call Divert Service”.

Zong Call Divert Code

Zong 4G has launched 4 different conditions of “Zong Call Forwarding Service”. A user remains in different conditions at different times. That’s why you can activate divert service according to your current condition, and each condition of this service can be subscribed by its unique code.

In Pakistan this service is very useful and all the users try the Call Divert / Call Forwarding once in their life to see its magic. There are 4 call divert services (modes) according to types:

  • Busy Mode
  • Don’t Pick Call Mode
  • Number Out of Reach Mode
  • Unconditional or other Mode

We have given below all types of call divert/call forwarding services (Modes) with their official subscription & UN-subscribe codes.

Zong Call Divert (Modes)

To activate basic “Zong Call Divert” dial **67*Number# from Zong prepaid SIM. This is the code to activate this service on “Busy Mode”. If you want to activate this service at “Don’t Pick Call Mode” then dial **61*Number# for free.

Similarly, dial **62*Number# to activate divert mode when your “number is out of reach”. And for the activation of the last “unconditional mode” please dial **21*Number# from your SIM.

Divert (Busy Mode)
Service Name:Call Divert
UN-SUB: ##67#
Divert (Don’t Pick Call Mode)
Service Name:Call Divert
UN-SUB: ##61#
Divert (Number Out of Reach Mode)
Service Name:Call Divert
UN-SUB: ##62#
Divert (Unconditional or other Mode)
Service Name:Call Divert
UN-SUB: ##21#

Mobile Divert Settings

Every (Android & Keypad) mobile has the built-in service of “call divert”. Hence, if you are facing any difficulty in case of call divert activation on SIM, then please customize your cell phone settings to activate call forwarding in your device.

  • Turn on mobile
  • Now turn on “mobile data”
  • Open mobile settings
  • Select “call settings”
  • Click on “call forwarding”
  • Activate this function
  • Now add “divert” contacts
  • Click on “save settings”

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Author Final Words

Those people who want to shift their calls to other numbers in specific hours can activate this service. The most glowing part of this service is its low price. You don’t have to pay much, and it will deduct few rupees after a month. Hence, enjoy your special time without any calls’ disturbance through “call forwarding”.

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