Telenor Call Divert Code – Telenor Call Forwarding Code 2024

Telenor Call Divert is a service that enable you to divert / forward incoming calls to your other numbers. Telenor Call Forwarding is the other name used for this service. This service is also known as Telenor Call Forward. You have authority to activate and deactivate this service from your Telenor prepaid SIM.

In Pakistan, a large number of telecom users always prefer Telenor SIM. It is due to affordable SMS, Data and Call packages of Telenor. In addition, other reason for the selection of Telenor SIM is its incredible extra-services that included Call Divert / Call Forwarding service.

Hence, today in this article we will provide all basic details about extra-service. Including price, subscribe, unsubscribe, and check codes are mention here in arranged manner. Read this full article to know all about Telenor Call Forwarding Service.

Telenor Call Divert Subscribe Code

Dial **21*Number# to activate (subscribe) Telenor Call Divert Service on your number. Simply insert your number at the place of *Number# respectively.

This code **21*Number# is also the activation code of Telenor Call Forwarding Service. Yes! Both the names Divert / Forwarding are same. Hence, the activation code is the same for diver / forward calling.

Full Details:

Service Name:Telenor Divert / Forwarding
Subscribe Code:**21*Number#
Unsubscribe Code:##21#
Price / Charges:As Per Service Use (Fixed)

Call Forwarding Unsubscribe Code

Dial ##21# to Unsubscribe Telenor Call Forwarding Service. This ##21# Code is also deactivation code of Telenor Call Divert Service. Hence, get rid of this extra service today if you don’t want to divert any call anymore.

Service Charges By Network

As this service only works when any number call on your SIM and network divert / forward that call to another number. Hence, this service charges according to total calls divert by it. It may put an impact on your SIM Balance. That’s why, many people deactivate this service.

See: Telenor Balance Save

Final Words

It is possible to get additional details about such Telenor Services by contacting online to Chat Center of network. Yes! Click here and start chat with Telenor agent and get answered about all such VAS Services of Telenor for free.

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