Zong Daily YouTube Package 2024 – Code & Details

There are five packages that you can use as “Zong Daily YouTube Package” at having a low price. These packages provide YouTube streaming and video downloading. All these packages are valid for 1 day and expire 24 hours after subscription.

YouTube is a famous online video platform where you can find videos related to every topic of common life. In Pakistan, YouTube is mainly used by youth and housewives. Youth (boys & girls) listen to songs, watch movies, and stream famous tricks.

On the other hand, Pakistani housewives find YouTube very helpful in their regular life. As you know, this online video streaming site has a lot of channels that provide different recipes. Yes! You can download or watch online dishes recipes and make your daily kitchen life perfect.

Zong Daily YouTube Package

Watching movies, songs or other videos will become possible only when you have a YouTube package. That’s why Zong has specially launched new YouTube packages having different validity. However, today we are going to talk about “Zong Daily YouTube” packages.

1-day Zong YouTube packages are 5 in number. In specific order, these packages codes, YouTube MBs, price, and details always change from each other.

1 Day YouTube Bundles List

Do you know that why these packages have been designed by Zong for this website only? There are many video sites on the internet and for them, Zong could launch packages, but the network has proffered YouTube, why? The answer is this, “the ranking of YouTube on the internet” is at the top. It is the number 1 online video corner of the internet. That’s why Zong has launched its special packages for this website.

Youth Daily

Youth bundle provides 2500 MBs (2.5GB) internet data for YouTube. These MBs work on all 3G/4G SIM cards. However, the network has set special timing of 1 AM to 9 AM. This means you can only use these MBs for 8 hours only. For bundle activation “SMS GNO at 6464” and activate this offer in 25 rupees.

Offer Details:

Offer Details:Youth Daily
Timing:1 AM – 9 AM
Price:Rs 25
at 6464

Social Daily

YouTube has made its 1st place in social apps. That’s why in the daily social package recently launched by Zong special 1.5 GB of data is fixed for YouTube. This package price is 23 and its validity is 24 hours.

Offer Details:

Offer Name:Social Daily
Price:Rs 23

Basic Daily

With basic daily bundle enjoy 100 MBs to use YouTube. This package has low MBs however it has been included in this daily packages list. The activation process of this bundle is a little much tricky because you have to open the main menu by dialing *6464# and through that, you will be able to get the activation bundle of this package.

Offer Details:

Offer Name:Basic Daily
Price:Rs 23

DayTime Plan

From 4 AM to 7 PM fixed time get access to YouTube in 25 rupees. 1500 MBs (1.5GB) bundle is activate-able with *47# code. Package subscription is very simple and users don’t have to face any difficulty from the network while activating this package.

Offer Details:

Offer Name:Daytime Plan
Timing:4 AM-7 PM
Price:Rs 25

Max YouTube

Activate daily “Max YouTube” and get ready to use 1GB (1000 MBs) to watch online videos and download videos from YouTube in 49 rupees. Dial *5# to subscribe to this package.

Offer Details:

Offer Name:Max YouTube
Price:Rs 49
HD+ Videos

Now watch 1080 megapixels HD+ videos because you have got a lot of Zong YouTube Package having 1-day validity. Due to the low time of validation, these bundles are cheap to activate. Get details about the “Zong Monthly WhatsApp Package” from this link. Stay connected with YouTube and always remains up-to-date.

Terms & Conditions
  • These are prepaid packages
  • All packages have 1 day validity
  • There are no additional charges
  • Subscription codes are present in tables
  • You can check remaining MBs through “Zong App”
  • For more details please visit the official website of network

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