Zong 1 Hour YouTube Package 2024 – Code & Details

Zong 1 Hour YouTube Package provides unlimited data for YouTube for the next 1 hour at Rs 2. Dial *1987# to activate Zong 1 Ghanta YouTube Package in 2 rupees.

Getting special MBs for YouTube App on Zong 4G has become very easy because Zong has launched special customized hourly, daily, weekly and monthly internet packages for YouTube only.

In this article, we have also covered a customized hourly internet package of Zong that is only designed for YouTube to access the reels (YouTube Shorts) for 60 minutes.

Zong 1 Hour YouTube Package

Dial *1987# and get unlimited internet data for 1 hour to access YouTube with Zong 1 Hour YouTube Package for 2 rupees. Yes! At such an affordable price you can access YouTube for 60 minutes.

In addition, the network will not charge any additional charges, and you will only have to pay 2 rupees for 60 minutes of data. Isn’t it the cheapest video streaming YT Offer of the year?

Video Streaming Offer Details:

Offer Name:YouTube Offer
MBs For:YouTube
Validity:1 Hour
Price:Rs 2

Note: You can activate this offer 2 times in a single day.

Ghanta YouTube (Daily)

You can access YouTube twice a day by activating this bucket 2 different times. Each time you have to pay Rs 2 subscription fee, and you will get unlimited MBs for the next 1-hour just to use on YouTube. Hence, it is a perfect Ghanta video streaming package.

YT Bucket Hourly

Watch YouTube Shorts

Many people know the word “YouTube Shorts” but still many Zong users are unaware of this name. Basically, it is the name of those short clips that are present on the YouTube App & Website. You just need to swipe your finger and each time you swipe a new video will play. Hence, it is the best method to enjoy the free Zong MBs for YouTube.

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Terms & Conditions
  • It is an hourly offer
  • Offer province YouTube MBs
  • It works for 60 minutes (1 hour)
  • You can activate it 2 times a day
  • Zong YT Offer comes with a 2 rupees fee
  • All types of taxes will apply on offer activation

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