Zong 1 Hour Internet Package 2024 – Code & Details

Hourly Internet bucket or Zong 1 Hour Internet Package is giving 1000 MBs & Zong TV live streaming in 14 rupees. This is a 1 and only Zong 60 minutes net package. Hence, keep reading this article for full details + subscription code.

Load (recharge) your prepaid Zong SIM with 14 rupees and dial *5555# or *3000# and select “non-stop offer” to get hourly data on 4G SIM.

Getting internet for 60 minutes is now possible with a new package of Zong. This package has been launched by Zong after the uncountable requests of data users to launch such a package.

Zong 1 Hour Internet Package

Basically, the Zong users have to subscribe to daily or weekly packages even when they need a few MBs for a short time. This causes their loss of time, balance, and MBs. But keeping in mind this possible loss of SIM users, the Zong 4G authorities has designed this marvelous hourly bucket.

Please dial *5555# or *3000# and select “non-stop offer” to avail of the net package for 60 minutes (1 hour). This package also provides free Zong TV till the expiry of offer validity. The last incentive of this bucket is Zong to Zong connectivity, the user can also call via unlimited minutes.


Offer Name:Zong 1 Hour
Zong Minutes:Unlimited
Price:Rs 14
Validity:60 Minutes

1 Hour YouTube

Dial *1987# to activate Zong 1 Hour YouTube Package for just Rs 2+tax. You can subscribe to this pack twice in a day and enjoy YouTube Shorts daily on Zong 3G/4G internet.


Offer Name:Hourly YouTube
YouTube Data:Unlimited
Validity:60 Minutes
Price:Rs 2

60 Minutes Net

In the history of telecom, it is the 1st-time bucket that an internet package for 60 minutes has been launched. In addition, it is also the best feature that users can activate this offer whenever they want. Whether it is nighttime or day-time, you can activate a 1-hour package and stream free TV with 100+ HD channels.

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More incentives

With 1GB internet, the unlimited on-network minutes will TV is the additional incentive. The 3-in-1 bucket is a 14 rupees offer. You can also activate this offer to use social media and short video apps.

How To Check?

Now the question is about MBs, Minutes, and TV remaining data check code for 1 hour. You can only check these things via using the Zong Official App front page (incentives inquire) page.