Zong Super Weekly Internet Package 3G / 4G | 4G in 200

Zong Super Weekly Internet Package is giving 4GB (4000 MBs) 3G & 4G data in Rs 200 for 7 days. Dial *2# to activate or dial *6464# to subscribe to this weekly data bucket. In addition, the given data will work on all devices having 2G / 3G and 4G technology. This is the basic edge point of the “super weekly” offer.

We can say that in the list of “7 days internet bundles” a new addition has been made with the name of Super Weekly Bucket. This package was introduced many years ago and basically, its incentives were only limited.

But now due to the 2k22 update, the package data gradually increases to 4000 MBs by network authorities to give the chance of fastest connectivity to users.

Zong Super Weekly Offer

Are you a prepaid SIM user of Zong SIM? If yes! Then the following internet package is specially designed for you. Dial *2# or *6464# for (4 GB) bundle. This package now costs 200 + tax from the subscriber account.

It is a weekly package and no time is set for incentives usage. Hence you can use the internet on any number whenever you want till the bundle remains active.


Offer Name:Super Weekly
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 200
Un-Sub Code:*6464*1*2*1*2#
Check Code:*102#

Add-On (MBs)

Following bundle, support ADD ON feature according to which you can add further MBs in Super Weekly Bucket by sending an SMS ‘ba’ to 6464 that charges Rs 10. On each 10 rupees SMS, you will receive additional 100 MBs till the bucket expiry.


Feature:ADD ON
SMS:‘ba’ to 6464
Cost:Rs 10

Subscription Code

The subscription code for the super package (data) is *6464# or *2# respectively. After dialing this code the user has to select the package according to name. But those users who don’t want to open its whole menu and directly want to activate the following package can dial *6464*1*2*1*1# for direct Super Package activation. Or the direct activation is also possible via *2# code.

Un-Subscribe Code

Those people who have completely used the incentives of “Zong Super 7 Day Offer” can deactivate it by dialing the official code *6464*1*2*1*2# for free.

Bundle deactivation will also end the remaining incentives and the package will be successfully removed from prepaid SIM. Here we have a new Zong WhatsApp Package Monthly Unlimited for you. Get its full info including code and price from the link.

Terms & Conditions
  • MBs will work on 2G/3G/4G SIM
  • Prepaid users can only activate it
  • Remember the GST tax 19.5 apply
  • Check code will cost Rs 0.10 + tax
  • Click here for official info & details

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