Zong Double Number Code 2024 | Zong Doosra Number

Now active 2 numbers in 1 SIM simultaneously with Zong Double Number Code. Yes! Active this marvelous bundle and enjoy dual identity.

People often have to carry more than 1 cell phone just because of different numbers. For various SIM cards, they need more SIM slots. That’s why keep in mind this situation. Zong has introduced a new offer with which a user will be able to activate 2 numbers on 1 SIM at a time.

That means you can change your phone numbers for your personal use and for your business. Now print 2 cards of your cell phone numbers (1 for personal use & 1 for business use).

Zong Double Number Code

With 1 SIM active, 2 numbers at a time, without the trouble of holding many SIM cards or phones. Activate the marvelous offer and get rid of your many confusing SIM cards. This offer is introduced by keeping in view the difficult situations created by activating more than 2 or 3 numbers simultaneously.

These complete descriptions to get a dual number on 1 SIM including its price and code details are given here on this page. Hence, stay connected with us for step-by-step guide.

Double Number Details

Here are the details mention separately in the table content. Complete info on this service is described below:

Service Name:Double Number
SUB:Dial 4600
to 4600
UN-SUB:SMS “Unsub”
to 4600
UN-SUB:Dial IVR 4600
Prepaid SUB Price:Rs. 1.60+Tax/Day
Postpaid SUB Price:PKR 30/Month

How To Activate Service?

Subscribers having Zong SIM can easily subscribe to this service to active 2 numbers. Yes! If they have one number (1SIM) on mobile, then making a call on the same number via 2 different numbers is possible via the “doosra number” service.

  • Send SMS “SUB” to 4600 from an active Zong SIM.
  • Dial, 4600 from your active Zong SIM.
  • Both of the above methods are official and working.
  • Subscribers will receive a confirmation SMS.
  • The subscriber’s new activate number will be sent through confirmation SMS.
Zong Double Number Code Details

This is the easy method and without any trouble or burden of keeping many cell phones in the pocket to active business numbers, private or family numbers individually. Get relaxed with this service. Get info about Check Zong Number from here.

How To Unsubscribe Service?

Subscribers can easily unsubscribe to this service by following these commands. Here, we have 2 different methods through which you can deactivate the double number service from your prepaid number.

1: Send SMS “Unsub” to 4600 to UN-subscribe.

2: Dial IVR 4600 to unsubscribe to the following bundle.

Terms & Conditions
  • Both prepaid and postpaid users can activate the offer.
  • The user must have some balance to maintain this offer.
  • The activation code & price details are also above.
  • Click here for complete INFO & FAQs.

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