Zong International Call Packages 2024

You can call in any country around the globe via Zong International Call Packages at fix (affordable) price. The calling rate & international call offers are described below.

All these packages that are described in the list of international prepaid and postpaid buckets are valid for Zong to international calls at a fixed price. On the other hand, international roaming details (packages) are also described below.

Zong International Call Packages

The list of Zong International Call Packages starts with “Call Globe Pay Local Offer” for the USA, India, Canada, Italy, Denmark, and Germany.

In addition, this list continues and further contains Saudi Arabia, OMAN, Malaysia, Afghanistan, and China (prepaid + postpaid) call packages.

On the other hand, we have explained the Zong Batooni Flight offer below that works for international roaming for the USA, Canada, and China. Let’s start our article and take a look at Zong International Call Packages 2024.

Call Global Pay Local (Prepaid + Postpaid)

1st of all, before going to explain the international calling rate of each country we have mentioned here an all-in-one cheap calling bucket for international dialing. Zong has launched a special “Call Global Pay Local offer” for International Direct Dialing. This package is available for both (prepaid & postpaid) users. Let’s see how it works and what its benefits are:

Zong International Call Packages 1

Dial *1111# and select Option 1 OR Type “Sub” and send the SMS to 1111 to activate Zong Call Global Pay Local Offer on your prepaid Number. This package deducts Rs 1 on activation and after subscription, it provides a minimum calling rate for India, the USA, Canada, Italy, Denmark, and Germany (these selected countries).

Offer Name:Call Global
Pay Local
Valid For:Prepaid SIM
Postpaid SIM
Price:Rs 1 + Tax
SUB Code:*1111# and
select Option 1
SUB via SMS:Send “Sub”
to 1111

Note: The same package is also available for both Prepaid & Postpaid Zong SIM cards. You can dial *1111# and select Option 2 to deactivate (unsubscribe) Call Global Pay Local from your SIM. This package is also known as Zong One Rupee Offer for International Calls.

Zong Saudi Arabia Call Packages

Zong provides 3 weekly and 1 monthly call packages for prepaid users to call on Saudi Arabia numbers. Let’s take a look at these 4 working packages, their subscription, unsubscribe codes, and prices.

Zong International Call Packages 2

Prepaid Saudi Offers:

  • Weekly 15 Minutes in Rs 100 = (SUB: SMS SUB1 To 6966) & (UNSUB: SMS UNSUB1 To 6966)
  • Weekly 40 Minutes in Rs 250 = (SUB: SMS SUB2 To 6966) & (UNSUB: SMS UNSUB2 To 6966)
  • 7 Days 90 Minutes in Rs 500 = (SUB: *6911#) & (UNSUB: SMS UNSUB3 To 6966)
  • Monthly 200 Minutes in Rs 1000 = (SUB: SMS SUB4 To 6966) & (UNSUB: SMS UNSUB4 To 6966)

Postpaid Saudi Offers:

  • Monthly 90 Minutes in Rs 500 = (SUB: SMS SUB5 To 6966) & (UNSUB: SMS UNSUB5 To 6966)

Zong OMAN Call Packages

The next Arab country is OMAN which comes in daily, weekly, and monthly call packages are given below with their price & codes:

Zong International Call Packages 4

Prepaid OMAN Offers:

  • Daily 5 Minutes in Rs 100 = (Activate Online)
  • Weekly 25 Minutes in Rs 450 = (Activate Online)
  • Monthly 50 Minutes in Rs 875 = (Activate Online)

Postpaid OMAN Offer:

  • Malaysia Monthly 50 Minutes in Rs 875 = (Activate Online)

Zong Malaysia Call Packages

There are 3 (daily, weekly and monthly) call packages from Malaysia using Zong. Officially, many Pakistani youths live in Malaysia, that’s why;

Malaysia Offer

ZONG has launched these 3 packages to stay connected with them.

  • Daily 10 Minutes in Rs 25 = (Activate Online)
  • Weekly 50 Minutes in Rs 100 = (Activate Online)
  • Monthly 250 Minutes in Rs 400 = (Activate Online)

Moreover, all these 3 packages are only available for Zong prepaid SIM cards and their activation is only possible by entering your phone number online in the subscription box present below the package details on the official ZONG portal.

Zong Afghanistan Call Packages

Here we have a few international call packages for Zong users to call on the prepaid or postpaid numbers of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Offer

SUB & UNSUB Code of Zong Afghanistan Bucket:

  • Daily Afghanistan Prepaid + Postpaid (Landline + Mobile) Rs 2.49+Tax per Minutes = (SUB: *747#) & (UNSUB: SMS “Unsub” and send it to 7474)

Pak-China Friendship Bundle

The next package belongs to China (our neighbor + most valuable + great friend). In addition, this offer comes for prepaid and postpaid SIM and its minutes will only work for Pakistan to China Calls.

Pak-China Offer


  • Weekly 525 Minutes in Rs 250 = (Dial *4083# or SMS “SUB CNAW” to 4083)
  • Monthly 2250 Minutes in Rs 750 = (Dial *4083# or SMS “SUB CNAM” to 4083)


  • Monthly 2250 Minutes in Rs 750 = (Dial *4083# or SMS “SUB CNAM” to 4083)
Batooni Flight Bundle By Zong

We must appreciate Zong for the launch of such a useful and cheap international call package that covers all validates. Hence, Zong has launched Batooni Flight Bundle for the USA, Canada, and China.

Batooni Offer

Let’s see different variants of this international call package:

  • Daily: 12 Minutes in Rs 10
  • Weekly: 60 Minutes for Rs 50
  • Fortnightly: 120 Minutes in Rs 100
  • Monthly: 600 Minutes in Rs 500
  • Monthly: 1200 Minutes in Rs 1000

Dial *138# and select any bundle from the list to activate the Batooni Flight Bundle of your choice. On the other hand, dial *139# to unsubscribe (deactivate) Zong Batooni Flight Bundle.

Bundle Name:Batooni Flight
Minutes & Price:Given Above
Valid For:USA
UNSUB Code:*139#

All Batooni Flight Offers are valid for all prepaid & postpaid users. On the other hand, those users who face difficulty while subscribing to any bucket from this list can activate it online from Zong’s official portal.

Apna4G Final Words

We finish our article with these suggestions; our full article covers all those packages and offers of Zong that are currently use by Zong subscribers for international roaming. However, in case of any confusion, you can ask directly from the Apna4G admin through the comment section.

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