Zong Missed Call Alert Unsubscribe Code 2024

Zong Missed Call Alert Unsubscribe is only possible by sending “Unsub to 6226 & 6229” from a prepaid SIM. Deactivation of Missed Call Alert service will be done according to package validity (weekly and monthly) respectively.

Both prepaid and postpaid Zong Sim users can deactivate the Zong Missed Call Alert service by two possible methods. We have described both of these methods below.

Remember that the official use of Zong Missed Call Alert is only for those users who want to stay up-to-date about the latest calls & SMS they receive whenever their cell went off or Sim goes out of reach of signals.

Zong Missed Call Alert Unsubscribe Code

To unsubscribe from “weekly service” please send an SMS on 6226. On the other hand, if you are using this service via “monthly activation” then deactivate it through 6229.

Here is what you have to do:

  • Unsubscribe Weekly Zong Missed Call Alert by sending Unsub to 6226
  • Deactivate Monthly Zong Missed Call Alert by sending Unsub to 6229

Call Helpline & Deactivate

This is also a 100% working trick that is only used by those people who face any difficulty while deactivation this service from the above SMS trick. It is used by people rarely because in 99 percent of cases the above methods of “weekly & monthly” unsubscribe codes work.

  • Call 310
  • Or dial 03111999311
  • Tell them to unsub the service
  • Wait till they conform to deactivation
  • Done! You have unsubscribed from Missed Call Alert

Missed Call Alert Details

In these 3 lines, I’ll try my best to give a short description of Zong Missed Call Alert Service. This will clear all the confusion of subscribers and may some users find it helpful in terms of additional features of this service.

According to this service, whenever the Zong prepaid or postpaid number of a user goes out of coverage or turns off or gets busy network notification will tend to receive notification from this service. It is because of the collection service that it collects all the details of recent SMS & Calls and updates the user that a “prepaid or postpaid number had received SMS or Call” when the number was off or out of coverage.

You can activate it via this code:

  • Send Sub to 6226 (7 days) subscribe
  • Send Sub to 6227 (30 days) subscribe

Official Price Details

Now every service has a fixed price and for this service, the network has a fixed price in terms of 7 days & 30 days. Let’s take a look at the price details:

Missed Call AlertPrice
Weekly Price:Rs 5.95 + Tax
Monthly Price:Rs 20 + Tax

Here is the link to the famous Zong Caller Tune Unsubscribe Code. Or it is also known as the Zong Dial Tune service. Let’s take a look at it for inch-by-inch details.

Additional Details

We have mentioned the point-to-point details of Missed Call Alert service including its subscribe and unsubscribe code with price in this article. However, the remaining info is present on the official site of Zong. However, you can also comment on me below. So that I can help you quickly via the comment section in case of any difficulty.

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