Zong My3 Offer Subscribe Code 2024

Zong My3 Offer is an all-in-one package that provides SMS, Calling Minutes and Internet for 30 days. You can share these incentives with 3 friends. Activate Zong My3 Offer on your number and get 100GB internet, 10000 SMS, 10000 Zong Minutes and 1000 Other Minutes in Rs 2000/- only.

First time in the history of Pakistan, Zong is giving such an all-inclusive offer that comes with dozens of resources. You can activate this offer on your prepaid number and share it with your 2 friends or family members. On the number you subscribe this offer it will be the parent number. The remaining 2 numbers will be the child number. Getting Internet, SMS and Calling Minutes is now easy if you are a prepaid user. Just activate this bundle using USSD Code or Zong App and enjoy non-stop incentives.

When you will divide this offer / plan among 3 individuals, then it will prove affordable to all users. Hence, it is a good idea. It has become easier to get tons of SMS, On-Network Calling Minutes, Off-Network Calling Minutes along with free Golootlo subscription and Waada Insurance through this latest My3 Plan.

Zong My3 Offer

Zong My3 Offer is a 100GB Package. For endless connectivity grab 10000 Zong Minutes, 10000 SMS and 1000 Off Net Minutes in PKR 2000 only. Not only this, after subscribing to this plan, you can divide (share) it with 2 more Zong Numbers. Hence, you can divide total amount (price) of this plan into 3 parts. After that, each user has to pay just 666 rupees only.

This package is specially design for those students, family members and prepaid users who want to get maximum resources at a reasonable price. Hence, it has become possible through Zong My3 Offer (available in Rs 2000 and can be use by 3 numbers) and Zong My5 Offer (available in Rs 2000 and can be use by 5 numbers) respectively.

Full Details:

Offer Name:Zong My3 Offer
Zong Minutes:10000
Other Minutes:1000
Users Allow:3 Users
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 2000
Subscribe Code:*7332#

Note: My3 offer can be mutually use by 3 users (1 Parent Number & 2 child numbers).

100GB Offer

Enjoy 100GB internet with Zong My3 Offer. Hence, this offer can also name as Zong 100GB Offer. Here each user from total 3 users can access 100GB data and there is no limit for each user. Hence, every user has got free hand to enjoy unlimited 3G/4G internet through My3 Plan.

  • Internet: 100GB

Messages For Chatting

All of us need SMS (messages) to chat with friends. We can’t make calls every time. You don’t need to call each contact of your phone book in case of emergency or routine announcements. Just type your perfect SMS in text section and send it to your whole phone book or selected contacts. Enjoy 10,000 SMS with non-stop service.

  • SMS: 10,000

All Network Minutes

Whether you (parent number) or additional users (child numbers) want to make calls to other networks, then don’t hesitate. Because this package is a source of ultimate off network minutes. Get 1000 Minutes for other networks and call from Zong to other networks of Pakistan. Note this fact that all 3 users (1 parent number and 2 add On) will use same 1000 on-net minutes.

  • Off Net Minutes: 1000

Zong To Zong Minutes

Like SMS and Other Network Minutes, the My3 Offer provides 10,000 Zong to Zong (On-Network) calling minutes. Moreover, for a strong same network connection, you will receive thousands of same network minutes. Enjoy same network calling through My3 Plan.

  • On Net Minutes: 10,000
How To Add Family Member in Zong My3

It is very easy to add any 2 Zong Numbers in this package so that those numbers can also use this My3 Family Offer. Simply open My Zong App and click on My3 Offer. Now click on ‘Add button’ to merge 2 family members or friends (Zong Numbers) in this My3 Offer.

Moreover, remember one fact, this package is compatible with all prepaid Call, SMS and Internet Offers except Zong MY5 Offer. Hence, those users who already have subscribed MY5 Offer will have to wait till My5 Offer expire. After expiring or unsubscribing that offer / package, you are allowed to activate this pack.

My3 Additional Benefits

My3 Offer not only comes with internet, SMS and On + Off Network Minutes, but this package also provides Waada and Mobile Insurance only for parent number. Just activate My3 Pack and enjoy monthly resources and such additional benefits.

  • Free Waada Subscription
  • Free Mobile Insurance

Price & Required Load

Official price of this package this Rs 2000, but you must have to keep extra 50 rupees in your account so that you can successfully activate this offer. Hence, at affordable price, subscribe this package.

  • Price: Rs 2000/-
  • Recharge Required: Rs 2050/-
Terms & Conditions
  • It is a prepaid offer
  • This offer is for 3 users
  • No call set up charges will apply on this offer
  • Use My Zong App to add 2 additional numbers
  • User who subscribe this offer is parent number
  • 2 Users added by parent number is called child numbers
  • This is a monthly prepaid package valid for whole Pakistan