Zong Weekly Social Package | 5GB Code, Price & Details

Dial *6688# code to activate Zong Weekly Social Package and get 5GB social data for Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO along with 500 SMS, 500 Zong Minutes and 20 Other Network Minutes in 140 rupees.

Zong 4G has recently launched a bucket row with the name “Social Package”. According to these buckets, the Zong 4G provides 3G & 4G MBs for social media apps at affordable prices.

On the other hand, the subscribers have 3 choices to subscribe to the social bucket among “daily, weekly or monthly” validity. Today in this article we have only provided the list of ‘Zong Social Package Weekly’ 2024. But in our next article, we will post the daily & monthly social buckets.

Zong Weekly Social Package

According to validity, all these packages that are described here are the same but the MBs will be given according to (4GB, 2GB, 8GB, 10GB & 9GB) ranges.

The incentive amount of these four “Zong Social Package Weekly Packages” is different from each other. Hence, the price of each bucket is also changed from the others.

7 Days Social Offers List

These are those packages that come under the roof of “Weekly Social Packages” respectively. Take a look at their names and their prices. After that, we will explain each bucket separately here on this page:

  • Weekly Social Offer
  • Weekly TikTok Offer
  • Stay at Home Bucket
  • Zong YouTube Package
  • Zong Super Weekly Plus

Let’s start our article without any further delay and take a look at the brief description of each Zong 3G/4G (7 days) bucket.

Zong Weekly Social Package

Dial *6688# to activate Zong Weekly Social Package and get 5GB for Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO along with 500 SMS, 500 Zong Minutes and 20 Other Network Minutes. Price of Zong Weekly Social Offer is 140 Rupees.

Offer Name:Weekly Social Offer
Zong Minutes:500
Other Minutes:20
Validity:7 Day
Price:Rs 140
Check MBs:*102#

Weekly TikTok Offer

1st package of the “Social Weekly Package” list is 7 day TikTok bucket. This package is limited to one app only and gives 3000 MBs (3GB) for 3G & 4G sim cards at the fixed price of Rs 70. Dial *606# and activate this package to access unlimited TikTok videos.

Offer Name:Weekly TikTok
MBs:3000 MBs
Validity:7 Day
Price:Rs 70
Check MBs:*102#

Stay at Home Bucket

Do you know that “Stay at Home Bucket” also comes in the weekly social media packages list? If Not! Then get ready for a surprise because this package is now providing 10GB of data (6 AM to 6 PM) and 1000 Zong minutes for the same time for just 120 rupees. The subscription code of this package is *3434# and it works on 3G & 4G Sim cards.

Offer Name:Stay at Home
Zong Minutes:1000
Incentives Timing:6 AM to 6 PM
Validity:7 Day
Price:Rs 120
Check MBs:*102#

Zong YouTube Package

It is a common-sense concept that “social media” is incomplete without “YouTube” streaming. Hence, you can get 7 days of YouTube with “Zong Weekly Social 3rd Package. Dial *570# and activate this bucket to avail of 8GB of data for YouTube for 150 rupees.

Offer Name:Zong YouTube
Validity:7 Day
Price:Rs 150
Check MBs:*102#

Super Weekly Plus

The activation code of “Super Weekly Plus” is *20# and it gives 8 GB and 5000 SMS + 5000 Minutes for one week. Get this marvelous bucket for just 290 rupees.

Offer Name:Super Plus
Validity:7 Day
Price:Rs 290
Check MBs:*102#

Check Zong Weekly Social

Now the methods that can help you to check the remaining data of YouTube, WhatsApp, Data, and other social apps of these buckets are mentioned here. You can use these 2 methods and inquire about the MBs for free:

  • My Zong App
  • Check Code *102#

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Terms & Conditions
  • These are 7 days packages
  • These are social + data offers
  • You can get additional add-ons
  • Data will work on 3G & 4G SIM
  • GST, AIT & FED will apply to offers
  • Get more/additional info from ZONG