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Zong Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2023

Zong Internet Packages 3G/4G for the latest year 2023 with different validities, prices, incentives, and codes are given here on this page for all prepaid users.

Do you want to get unlimited internet on Zong SIM on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? If Yes! then your search has been successfully completed on this page.

In reality, here we have collected those data package of the ZONG network that comes with unlimited MBs. Hence these buckets will defiantly suit you because of all types of MB’s nature of these buckets.

Zong Internet Packages 2023

With the start of the New Year 2022, the top telecom networks have updated their data buckets. Hence Zong Unlimited Internet Packages are perfect for those who want to access Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, or plain internet.

In addition, all these internet packages are for Zong prepaid users who want infinite MBs till the bucket expiry. Get ready to take a look at these infinite 3G/4G internet offers for the next 1 day, 7 days, and 30 days.

Zong Infinite Internet (Daily)

1st offer in this list is Daily Data Max which provides 1GB of internet 24/7 (1 day) daily for just Rs 49 only. Yes! Dial *5# and get 500 MBs of YouTube & 500 MBs of Plain internet = 1GB total data for 1 day with Zong 2G/3G/4G SIM card.

Offer Name:Daily Max
Total Data:1GB
500 MBs:YouTube
500 MBs:Plain Net
Price:Rs 49
Check Code:*102#

Zong Infinite Data (Weekly)

It is Zong Weekly Max Offer that gives a 20GB internet package that nearly becomes equal to Zong Unlimited Internet Package Weekly. Dial *220# and get 20GB in 385 rupees for 7 days.

Offer Name:Weekly Max
Total Data:20GB
Price:Rs 385
Check Code:*102#

Note: User will also receive 5000 SMS, 5000 Zong Minutes and 100 Other Network Minutes.

Zong Net Unlimited (Monthly)

Here we have the last & final Zong Monthly Max internet bucket for prepaid users. This is a priority offer that is usually subscribed by Zong prepaid users regularly. This package is also known as Zong Monthly 40GB bucket and it provides 40 GB for 30 days for Rs 899. Dial *6# and activate this monthly unlimited offer on Zong.

Offer Name:Monthly Max
Total Data:40 GB
20 GB:1 AM – 9 AM
20 GB:24 Hours
Price:Rs 899
Check Code:*102#

Basically, this bucket is divided into 2 parts where the user gets half the data 24/7, and the remaining MBs only work from 1 AM night to 9 AM morning. Hence the 40GB of total internet has 2 basic parts.

Enjoy Unlimited Internet on Zong 3G/4G

It is only Zong telecom SIM that provides such great internet buckets at the lowest price. Otherwise, the data buckets are always considered as the expansive packages of all networks. Enjoy social media, video portals, and browsing via Zong infinite (unlimited) internet packages.

How To Subscribe Buckets?

You can dial their subscription codes given above (separate for each bucket) or dial *6464# and activate the bucket of your desire through the “Zong Tariff Activation Menu” respectively. Moreover, the official portal also provides the service to activate the net packages online through the given “activation boxes” present below each bucket. Just type your number there and get the bucket activation on your SIM quickly.

How To Check Unlimited Internet MBs?

Basically, the word “unlimited” is just used formally but here each package has a limitation. That’s why; we just need a code that can tell us “how much MBs/Data” has been left in your package including the remaining validity.

You can either dial *102# to check the remaining MBs or open “My Zong App” and inquire how many days and how many MBs have been left in your daily, weekly, or monthly Zong Unlimited Internet Packages.

Terms & Conditions
  • 15% AIT, 16% FED, and 19.5% GST applies
  • The government taxes will defiantly apply
  • Out of Unlimited data, the bundle cost Rs. 1+Tax/MB
  • Only Zong prepaid 2G/3G and 4G LTE users can activate
  • Get full details about activation, codes & conditions for Zong

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