Zong TikTok Package Unsubscribe Code 2024 (Unsub Code)

Zong TikTok Package Unsubscribe is possible when you type UNSUB WTTO and send the command to the 6123 code. This procedure will deactivate Zong TikTok (2000 MBs for 7 days) from your prepaid SIM.

Remember that Zong once launched only 1 internet package that we can use to access TikTok, and it is a weekly package. Yes! This package’s official name is the Zong Weekly TikTok package, and it gives 2GB of data in PKR 60.

You can dial *606# to activate the Zong Weekly TikTok package, but it is a famous code and everyone knows it. The main item (code) about which we are going to talk today is the “deactivation code/method of Zong TikTok” offer.

Zong TikTok Package Unsubscribe Tricks

There are 3 tricks that can remove the TikTok package from your Zong 3G/4G SIM. But remember, few methods may charge official charges.

Let’s take a look at the names of 3 working tricks/codes:

  • Unsub by SMS
  • Deactivate via Code
  • Unsubscribe through App/Helpline

Now we will talk about each trick separately that will make your day easy, and you will quickly get rid of such Zong TikTok 7-days offer that deducts your precious balance.

TikTok Unsub by SMS

The deactivation of TikTok takes only a few seconds, and it completely unsubs from the user’s account permanently. Type a new SMS and follow the given steps to proceed toward the deactivation of the Zong TikTok Package:

Unsub Steps:

  • Type a new SMS
  • Write – UNSUB WTTO
  • Now send it to 6123 code
  • Done! Zong TikTok Package is unsubscribed

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Deactivate via Code

You can dial code and reply with unsubscribe for the command completion. Here is the method mentioned below:

  • Dial *606#
  • Now select (reply) with 2
  • Done! TikTok offer is deactivated
Unsubscribe through App/Helpline

Finally, the trick (method) that is universal and always works while using Zong 4G SIM helpline and official app. You can use the app to deactivate the TikTok bucket or call on 310 and ask them to unsub the social package.