Zong Value Weekly Offer – Subscription Code & Price

Zong Value Weekly Offer is basically a collection of all weekly Zong internet packages. These internet packages have different prices & data.

Internet is the basic and most used service provided by any telecom company. In Pakistan, the famous 4G & LTE service has been completely applied on all networks. Hence we can use the fastest internet experience while sitting at home. These internet packages have been dividing according to their validity.

The Zong Value Weekly Offer has more than 5 weekly Zong internet packages. These internet packages have different data incentives. The data MBs in each weekly package is directly proportional to the price. If the price of weekly internet package increase then its MBs amount automatically increase. Apna4G has collected all the weekly data packages of Zong on this page.

Zong Value Weekly Offer

There are basically 5 weekly data packages described on this page. These data offers are different from each other in price and data MBs. It is important to tell you that all these packages are valid for 7 days:

  • Zong Weekly TikTok Offer
  • Weekly Mega Data Offer
  • Zong Weekly Youtube Bundle
  • Super Weekly Plus Offer
  • Zong Super Weekly Max

We will only discuss subscription codes, prices, and other codes of these bundles. However, we also give their official website link so that you can easily access the original Zong website for basic details.

Zong Weekly TikTok Offer

Zong weekly TikTok Offer is about only a video app that is widely used by Pakistani young boys & girls to spend their time. On TikTok, the boys & girls make their videos on famous dialogues of actors and actresses and get likes & comments from the whole world. TikTok is the best source to get fame through natural acting abilities.

Zong TikTok Packages

Zong has made the platform of TikTok easier to access with its new weekly offer. The subscribers will receive 2 GB (2000 MBs) for the TikTok app in 50 rupees. Codes & other details are present in this table:

Offer Name:Zong Weekly
TikTok Offer
Data:2 GB
Price:PKR 50
Only For:TikTok
Validity:7 Days
to 6123

Weekly Mega Data Offer

Famous weekly mega data package comes with 100 GB for downloading, uploading, and browsing. The timing of this data package is 1 AM to 9 AM. The bundle charges PKR 100 including all charges.

Mega Data Offer By Zong 100 GB

Offer details are present in this table:

Offer Name:Weekly Mega
Data Offer
Data:100 GB
Price:PKR 100
Validity:7 Days
Timing:1 AM to 9 AM

Zong Weekly Youtube Bundle

Enjoy famous video streaming website Youtube with 8 GB data for 7 days in just PKR 135 only. Enjoy unlimited video streaming & HD movies with best online video website.

Zong Youtube Bundle

Here are the details “how it is subscribed”?

Offer Name:Zong Weekly
Youtube Bundle
Data:8 GB
Price:PKR 135
Validity:7 Days

Super Weekly Plus Offer

This offer give 7 GB data for 24/7 without any time restricts. The price of weekly plus offer is only PKR 240 including all taxes.

Super Plus Offer

Offer codes are present here:

Offer Name:Super Weekly
Plus Offer
Data:7 GB
Price:PKR 240
Validity:7 Days

Zong Super Weekly Max

The last package is the super weekly max that gives 15 GB data + 15 GB Youtube MBs for 7 days. This bundle comes with 30 GB of data and its original price is PKR 300.

Super Data Max Offer

30 GB data in which 15 GB for browsing and 15 GB for Youtube only.

Offer Name:Zong Super
Weekly Max
Data:30 GB
Internet:15 GB
Youtube:15 GB
Price:PKR 300
Validity:7 Days

Best Weekly Packages

All the weekly data packages that we have explained above are best for those Zong SIM users who want to use the internet on weekly basis. In these basic 7 days data bundles, they have specified special bundles for FB, WhatsApp, Youtube & also for 4G browsing.

Why 7 Days Bundle?

It is an important point, “why choose 7 days internet package?” There are many reasons to choose one bundle from the weekly package to get maximum data at a low price:

  • The weekly data package comes with maximum validity.
  • The MBs can be easily consumed completely because of the maximum time.
  • The weekly data packages usually have low subscription charges.
  • That’s why we recommend weekly data packages.

How To Check MBs?

As all these packages are of internet MBs, hence each subscriber must have to check their remaining MBs during the validity duration. Here I’ll tell you that “how you can check remaining Zong Weekly MBs”.

  • Open PlayStore on your device.
  • Download & install “My Zong App”.
  • Now you can check your MBs on this app.
  • The “MBs Meter” will give you complete details.
  • Here data checking is completely free.

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Apna4G Conclusion

We recommend our dear subscribers to select any weekly internet package of Zong and remain tension-free. For those subscribers who want to get the link to Zong’s official website please click on the INFO & FaQs.

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