Zong SMS Package in 17 Rupees – How To Subscribe

Subscribe Zong SMS Package for 17 rupees with the latest Zong Weekly SMS + WhatsApp bundle. Subscription codes and details are given below:

It is a famous search keyword on the search engine that Zong has a weekly SMS package of 17 rupees. Here Apn4G has found that SMS package and we have mentioned complete details of this package with subscription code and full details.

17 rupees SMS bundle contain 7 days of SMS and data for WhatsApp. However, in this package, the subscription charges and additional taxes will apply to this weekly SMS bundle.

Zong SMS Package in 17 Rupees

In 17 rupees the Zong is offering 1300 SMS and 200 WhatsApp MBs for 7 days. This weekly SMS & WhatsApp package is available for 17 rupees however the subscriber must have PKR 32 in your account to activate this bundle.

Actually, the bundle has been set at the price of PKR 17 rupees. But the subscriber must have a balance of PKR 32 to subscribe to the bundle. The additional 15 rupees are the official & government taxes that will apply on each subscription.

Rs 17 SMS Bucket Info

As we have mentioned above the Zong Weekly SMS Package is now available for 17 Rupees. This package is giving away 1300 SMS for all networks and 200 MBs, especially for WhatsApp only.

Offer Name:Zong Weekly
SMS Package
Price:PKR 17
Balance Required:PKR 32
Validity:7 Days
SUB-Code:SMS “sub”
to 700
UNSUB-Code:SMS ‘unsub’
to 700
Check Code:*102#

Note: The network required PKR 32 load for this package activation.

Zong SMS Package SUB

To subscribe to this weekly SMS bundle the subscriber must have to dial *702# from the Zong SIM. The subscriber can also send SMS “sub” to 700 and then reply with “2” to activate this 17 rupees SMS package.

  • Dial *702#
  • Or you can SMS “sub” to 700
  • A package list will appear.
  • Now you have to reply with “2”
  • Congratulation! You have subscribed to the package.

How To Deactivate Offer

You can also deactivate this package by sending an SMS ‘unsub’ to 700. This will automatically deactivate your 7 days SMS package.

Check Remaining Incentives

You can also check the remaining incentives of the Zong Weekly SMS package by dialing the *102# service code. The MBs check will charge official charges 10 paise.

Weekly SMS & MBs

The 17 rupees weekly SMS package is the cheapest SMS bundle ever introduced by any network in Pakistan. In addition, this cheap SMS package comes with 200 special MBs for WhatsApp. That means you can enjoy WhatsApp and SMS both in the 2-in-1 package.

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Terms & Conditions
  • SMS will work for all networks.
  • MBs will only work on WhatsApp.
  • The package price is 17 rupees.
  • Taxes make the bundle price 32 rupees.
  • Details & other information is given here on INFO & FaQs.

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