Zong All Packages Unsubscribe Code 2024 – How To Unsubscribe Zong Packages

Apna4G has come with Zong All Packages Unsubscribe Code & tricks. Now you can deactivate all Zong packages and save your balance via the given tricks.

Many times, Zong users are unaware of active packages on their SIM car. That’s why we have described how to check to activate packages on Zong SIM. After checking the list of current active packages on Zong prepaid SIM. You can deactivate all those offers one by one separately by dialing their unsubscribing code.

We have mentioned each Zong package unsubscribing code with details below. Then first check which package is currently active on your SIM, then get the unsubscribing code of that package from below and deactivate that package. Hence, this process will deactivate all unnecessary packages on your prepaid number, and you will become tension-free from “extra balance deduction”.

Zong All Packages Unsubscribe

Zong 4G has officially launched 3 methods & tricks to deactivate or unsubscribe any SMS, Call, or Internet package. All Zong 4G prepaid users can use any of these 3 tricks and can deactivate the currently active package on their number.

These are the 3 tricks by which a Zong SIM user can deactivate the currently active SMS, Voice & Internet package. However, it is important to tell the visitors that all these 3 tricks charge standard charges & taxes.

  • Unsubscribe the package with its official deactivation code.
  • Deactivate the package by calling the network helpline number.
  • Unsubscribe all packages by dialing one code for all (call, SMS, data) packages.

Let’s take a look at each trick separately and get the deactivation code of famous Telenor prepaid and postpaid packages + services.

Zong All Packages Unsub Codes

According to our first trick, the user can deactivate the Zong prepaid (Call, SMS & Internet) packages by dialing their official unsubscribe codes. These codes are present with package details separately on the official website of the network.

Offer Name:Deactivate Trick
Caller Tune UnsubSend “UNSUB” to 2300
IMO OFFER UnsubSMS “Unsub IMO” to 6464
Advance Balance (Loan)310
Cricket Alerts ServiceSMS “UNSUB” to 6660
Namaz Alert (Islamic Alert)“Unsub” to 7867
News Service (Info Service)Send unsub to 7070
Call Forwarding (Call divert)##67# Code
Gameloft Unsub SMSSMS “Stop” to 88000
SMS “Stop” to 84149
Game Space ServiceSend ‘unsub’ to 5455
Zong Google DUO*386#
GNO offer by ZongSMS “unsub gno” to 6464
Monthly Missed Call AlertSend Unsub to 6229
Weekly Missed Call AlertSend Unsub to 6226
Zong My Status Service (MNP)Send “UNSUB” to 6009
Doosra Number (Double Number)SMS “Unsub” to 4600

However, to make this step simple and easy for the dear visitors we have mentioned Zong SMS, Call & Internet Packages codes separately.

Zong Internet & Call Unsub Code

These are the Zong daily, weekly & monthly internet & call packages deactivation codes. Now you can easily unsubscribe from any internet package in seconds. To unsubscribe from Zong internet packages. Whether these are daily, weekly, or monthly, please follow the deactivation rules given below in the table.

Daily Weekly Monthly PackagesUnsubscribe Code
Zong All Data Packages*6464#
Zong All Call PackagesDial 310
Zong All SMS PackagesSend ‘unsub’ to 704 or 700

Zong SMS Packages Unsub Code

These are the official unsubscribe codes of Zong 4G SMS packages having validity of daily, 3 days, weekly & monthly.

Daily SMS Packages Unsub

These are the codes of Zong daily SMS packages. We have highlighted complete details for you in the box below.

Zong Daily SMS UnsubUnsubscribe Details
Zong Flutter PackageSend unsub to 369
Zong Perfect PackageSend Unsub to 7171
Zong Full Gup Package Send unsub to 1181
Zong Hello 1 Dinsend unsub to 4952
Zong Shandaar Daily package send “unsub” to 700
Zong Zulu SMS Bundle Send ‘unsub’ to 704
Zong Daily SMS + WhatsappSend ‘unsub’ to 700
Zong Sixer Plus Package.Send Unsub to 666111
Weekly SMS Packages Unsub

To deactivate the Zong weekly SMS package, you have to dial the exact deactivation code according to the name of your package.

Zong Weekly SMS UnsubUnsubscribe Details
Zong Karachi OfferSend ‘unsub’ to 704
Zong Weekly SMS OfferSend ‘unsub’ to 700
Zong Haftawar Load OfferSend “Unsub weekly250” to 6464
Zong Weekly All in 1 Bundle To Unsubscribe Dial *6464#
Zong Shandaar Weekly package Send ‘unsub’ to 700
Monthly SMS Packages Unsub

In the SMS section, this is our last table in which we have to collect weekly SMS packages unsubscribe codes. Dial the code and deactivate a specific bundle at low charges.

Zong Monthly SMS UnsubUnsubscribe Details
Zong Power Pack 500Send ‘unsub’ to 704
Zong Power Pack 1000Send ‘unsub’ to 700
Zong Super Card bundleUnsubscribe Dial *6464#
Zong Supreme Plus PackageSend ‘unsub’ to 704
Zong Monthly SMS & WhatsappSend  ‘unsub’ to 700
Zong Supreme Monthly PackageSend “unsub 750” to 6464
Zong Shandaar Monthly packageSend “unsub Mahana” to 7091

Call Helpline To Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe any specific call, SMS, or data package. You can also connect with the Zong helpline number and ask the agent to remove all packages from your SIM.

Zong Helpline310

See: Zong Shandaar Monthly Package

Apna4G Conclusion

We recommend our dear visitors deactivate Call, SMS & Internet package by calling on official helpline number. This can give you a better chance to remove the package from your SIM. For more details, please click on the INFO & FAQs.

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