Ehsaas Amdan Program Online Registration & Apply 2024

Do you want to start your own business & you don’t have enough money? Don’t worry because Ehsaas Amdan Program is giving away free loans to poor and needy Pakistani native people to start their own businesses according to their own wishes.

Those people who want to start their business from a new start and want to accelerate their daily income can apply for Ehsaas Amdan Program. According to this program, the government of Pakistan (Imran Khan Government) will provide all necessities that a business starter needs.

Basically, the government has initiated this program in 2020, and it will provide loans till 2024. Hence, including the Ehsaas Amdan Program starting year to the year of end, it will work 4 years. PM Imran Khan has set a 15 Billion (PKR) special for this program to give loans to poor citizens.

Ehsaas Amdan Program Registration

In January 2020, while a live conversation with the public on TV (PM Imran Khan) had announced the start of new program with the name “Ehsaas”. These programs include a number of different programs to support poor people financially.

Now the question arises that what type of business you can start from the “Ehsaas Amdan Program” loan. The answer is quite easy because the government has given the complete freedom to start any type of small business that can be initiated from the amount of a loan.

Amdan (Income) Details

While applying for the loan, you also have to describe your future plan where you want to implement this loan. Whether you want to start a small business or you want to make a shop. Every detail will be provided in the “Ehsaas Amdan Program Online Registration Form”.

As result, they will give you a loan according to your request. Officials are giving always basic loans to people who want to buy small shop incentives, livestock pets, rickshaws, and other basic startups.

These government schemes contain education scholarships, women’s monthly allowance, old age people allowance, house loan scheme, and Ehsaas Amdan Program.

Amdan (Income) Districts

With the start of the new scheme, the PTA Government has selected 23 extreme poverty ratio districts in Pakistan. Hence, residents of these districts will apply to submit an application for Ehsaas Amdan Program.

SujawalDI Khan
DG KhanTorghar
Palas KolaiJhal Magsi
Lower KohistanUpper Kohistan
North WaziristanSouth Waziristan
Tharparkar Sindh

Loan Scheme Aim

The main aim of the “Ehsaas Amdan Program” is to provide the basic needs of life to everyone. Hence, it is the man-made best policy to support the lower community of Pakistan that are living below the line of poverty. PM Imran Khan has described the aim of this scheme in these few lines:

  • To provide poor people with basic needs
  • To start an income source for poor people
  • Generate new business & opportunities
  • Encourage youth to earn a better livelihood
  • Provide basic aid to women (household work)
  • To increase the number of household businesses
  • The basic loan quota is 60% youth & 30%, in-house women
  • The remaining 10% will be used as basic loans to all native people
  • The government will provide household (machinery) to work at home

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221,926 Interest-Free Loans

The government has set up 15 Billion Pakistani Rupees for this program. This program has been divided into 3 basic parts:

  • Men Quota (60%)
  • Women Quota (30%)
  • Interest-Free Loans (10%)

Those 60% man quota provide loans to start any work from the house such as a small shop, home Poultry, dairy animals, and for other small works. 30% of women’s quota will provide basic machinery and instruments to women to work from their homes, such as making household items or stitching clothes. The remaining 10% will be used to provide 221,926 Interest-Free Loans to the applicants.

Loan Approval Procedure

You can also visit the official website of “Ehsaas”. However, according to the officials, they will survey each home in Pakistan (26 districts) and check the condition (whether the native is applicable for a loan) or not. Hence, they will provide a loan after the survey. We also have given above the link to apply online for the loan scheme.

Work From Home

These loan schemes have enabled the term “Work From Home Opportunities” for every Pakistani. Hence, if you want to get index in a loan scheme and earn while sitting at home with your own business, then don’t miss this golden opportunity of the EHSAAS Amdan scheme.

Author Advice

All those districts given above contain 375 union councils, and all those people who belong to any of the above district unions can get loans. Hence, don’t wait for tomorrow and apply today with apna4g for free.

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