Ehsaas Education Stipend 2024 ( Apply Online )

Once again, Ehsaas Education Stipend is started by the new Government of PML-N. Hence, apply (register) online to get regular financial help from the government of Pakistan to continue your basic studies. Other words that are generally used by students instead of Stipend are scholarship and in the Ehsaas program, we got both words (Stipend for early students) and (scholarship for higher classes) respectively.

According to a survey, 44% of students in Pakistan leave their studies due to weak financial conditions. But with the help of scholarships, the students can survive their primary to Intermediate studies.

That’s why; the government of Pakistan has started these Stipends/Scholarships in the previous PTI government and the new government has also appreciated this financial help of poor students.

Ehsaas Education Stipend

In Urdu, the word stipends mean “وظیفہ” and it is generally provided to those kids who are in the Middle Ages of their education. Hence, from class 6th to class 10th (primary to Intermediate) students are considered the pupils of these middle-aged students.

That’s why the Ehsaas Education Stipends will only be given to students of these five classes only. However, the basic question arises here about the registration (whether the application is online or we have to apply manually), or from where we can apply for regular Stipends? We have described each point here on this page according to the guidelines of official notification.

Basic Stipends Details

These are the basic points of Ehsaas Education Stipends. And each student will have to comply with these conditions and requirements to get money from regular stipends:

Program Name:Education Stipends
Eligible Levels:Primary
Higher Secondary
Eligible Students:Male & Female
Total Districts:160
Students Age Limit:4-22 Years

Note: Only those students who belong to a poor family and their family is eligible for the Ehsaas program will be able to get 3-months education stipends.

Distribution According to Class & Gender

Take a look at this official Ehsaas image and then the distribution details. Full details are also mention below according to basic differences.

Taleemi Wazifa (info)
1st (Primary Level Scholarship)
Class Level:Primary
Per Boy:Rs 1500
Per Girl:Rs 2000
3 Months
2nd (Secondary Level Scholarship)
Class Level:Secondary
Per Boy:Rs 2500
Per Girl:Rs 3000
3 Months
3rd (Higher Secondary Level Scholarship)
Class Level:Higher Secondary
Per Boy:Rs 3500
Per Girl:Rs 4000
3 Months

One Time Graduation Bonus (Girls)

Girls will get 1-time-gift (bonus) Stipends/Scholarships of Rs 3000 at the time of primary level completion. Hence, complete your 5th class and get the gift today from Ehsaas. Always remember 1 point; if your mother is eligible for Ehsaas money, then you can get 1-time-bonus.

See: Ehsaas Taleemi Wazaif

Ehsaas Education Stipends Registration

According to the former Chairperson of the Ehsaas Program, the students or parents of kids can register for Stipends / Scholarship via the nearest Ehsaas office. You must have to go to the Ehsaas center and inquire about Stipends registration.

Basic Aim of Per Quarter Stipends

Ehsaas Stipends works according to the boy/girl Per the Quarter rule, hence we called this scholarship this new name. Basically, the aim of the Pakistan government is to give financial help to those students (girls and boys) who want to join their classes but there due to poverty their guardians can’t send them to school. Hence, it will give them (girls + boys) hope to get regular classes with (70% attendance) and as a reward, the government will pay them.

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