Kissan Card Online Registration 2024

Kissan Card is officially introduce in Punjab. Get 30,000 rupees loan for agricultural purposes after Kissan Card Online Registration 2024.

After creation of new government of PMLN in Punjab. Maryam Nawaz Sharif is appointed as the Chief Minister of Punjab. She has initiated many projects and programs. Hence, this Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card is also included in those several projects.

According to different international surveys. Pakistan is an agricultural country. In addition, a lot of Pakistani live in rural areas. Their source of income is agriculture. Keeping in view the importance of agriculture. The Government of Punjab have start this golden program. Here we have gathered full details about this Kissan Card here on this page. In addition, online registration of Kissan Card is also present below.

Kissan Card Online Registration

Other Cards and Programs were register online. But this time the officials have introduce a new system through which farmers can get register in database of Kissan Card.

It is very easy and every farmer can get their CNIC register by following these few easy steps.

  • Visit nearest HBL Konnect retailer shop
  • Request them for Kissan Card Registration
  • Firstly, they will open your Level-1 Mobile Account
  • Pay Rs 500 fees and buy kissan card bundle (compulsory)
  • Your Kissan Card will arrive in agriculture tehsil office within next 20 days
  • Hence visit agriculture tehsil office after 20 days you register and collect your kissan card

That’s it, this was the registration process. You just need to pay Rs 500/- fee and after that you will successfully get your Kissan Card. We have mention the benefits of this card below. Let’s take a look.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card Benefits

Slogan of this program (card) is Sar-sabz Punjab, Khushal Kashtkar. Official will create new Model Agricultural Centers with the aid of private sectors. Moreover, the officials have decided to provide loan of Rs 30000 per acre. Total 150 Arab PKR loan will be given to all farmers Kissan cardholders. See Ehsaas Eid Program from here.

Apna4G Conclusion

Every farmer is eligible for this card. You can register and get this card to avail loan. This loan money with bring prosperity in your fields and your crops will definitely make you rich. This golden step of Punjab Government is very appreciating. Hence, all the farmers get ready for this card.