Sehat Card Program Registration & Check Online in 2024

PM Imran Khan initiates an all-in-one Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card Online Registration that provides the feature of all previous Ehsaas services at a time. Yes! If you are a student and want to get a scholarship, or those who are farmers and want to get subsidies on agricultural items, then the following card is for you.

Basically, the PTI government had launched different programs in Ehsaas to help the poor families of Pakistan. According to government, will spend 50 billion rupees will work for the welfare of the public via Naya Pakistan Card. We can say that under the Ehsaas portal, the officials are providing basic services & loans to the public.

Ehsaas provide 7 programs that are working at their peak level and developing Pakistan. These programs include “Rashan Program, Health Insurance, Technical Training, Business (karobari) Karza, House Loan and Agricultural Loan.

Sehat Card Online Registration

To register in Ehsaas for the Sehat Card Online Registration 2024 please type your CNIC (ID) card number and send it to 8171. Remember that SIM you are using for SMS must register on that ID card number that you have sent on the official code.

You will receive an instant reply from 8171 in which you will get a notification SMS having the following details “we are processing your information and in a few days we will contact you back”. Done! This is the method to apply for the card. You have successfully registered your name for Naya Pakistan Card Registration.

Service Name:Naya Pakistan Card
Registration:SMS CNIC Number
on 8171
SMS Charges:Free

Subsidy Items Details

The seven types of fields that are selected in the Naya Pakistan Card are given below. Get your card via online/SMS registration and get a subsidy on the following items:

  • Ehsaas Ration: 20 million families will get a 30% subsidy on (wheat, sugar, and pulses)
  • Home Financing: 3.7 million families will get home financing for up to 2.7 million
  • Vocational & Technical Training: 3.7 million people will get free training
  • Business Loan: 3.7 million people will receive interest-free loans for business
  • Agricultural Loan: Farmers having 12.5 Aker land will get a 0.5 million loan
  • Health Insurance: All families will get health insurance upto0.5 million yearly

All these basic services will be provided to the Naya Pakistan Cardholder for free. Hence, register your name today to get this golden opportunity today.

All-in-One Card Details

It would be not wrong to say that Naya Pakistan Card is an all-in-one card. It is because of its unique service that allows the user to get all Ehsaas features under one roof. Register your name (CNIC) in the Ehsaas database and get your Naya Pakistan Card.

All in one card info & code

Card Basic Features

The government of Pakistan has added 7 Ehsaas services to this 1 card. Hence the basic 7-in-1 feature of this card will make you eligible to get subsidies on household items, hospital services for all family members, special training for those people who want to do any technical work, loans to start a new business, special loan to buy/make own house and get items on discounts to start farming without any delay.

Yes! With this one card, you can use all these features. It is the promise of the PM that he will change Pakistan for the lower class. We can see that with the launch of such a beneficial card, the government has achieved its goal. Please Check Survey Status via CNIC from here.

Urdu Details (Video)

In this video, I have tried my best to describe each term and feature, including registration and card basic details for our dear visitors. Hence, get the Urdu language guide from this video and get the concept of this card clearly for free.

Official Portal Apply

Many times people visit the official website of Ehsaas for registration. It is true that the latest details and initial news about programs come on that portal, but the registration for all in one card is just possible with the SMS service that we have described above.

Terms & Conditions
  • The government will select people from the Ehsaas database
  • Already registered people will get better chances for a card
  • This card is free and will support 7 programs of Ehsaas at the same time
  • You just have to send an SMS having your CNIC number on 8171 official code
  • Get more details from the official website of Ehsaas or visit the official portal

Note: Download the all-in-one app of this Sehat Card Online Registration to check eligibility, registration, and the hospital list of this card for free, available on the play store for Android and iPhone users.

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