Ehsaas Program 25000 Online Registration CNIC Check 2024

Now a day people receive SMS through unauthentic numbers about “Ehsaas Program 25000” fraud. Always remember that Ehsaas Program is not sending any type of SMS alert.

People receive SMS and calls from different Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor numbers. Even frauds are using PTCL numbers to put a deep impression on poor people.

Actually, they call or send an SMS on your prepaid or postpaid number and ask about private info from you. Never provide any type of information or CNIC number to them.

Ehsaas Program 25000

It is true that Ehsaas Program provides money, but in the form of SMS or Call alerts you don’t receive any info. For actual Ehsaas Program registration, you have to visit the nearest help center.

Those people who receive an SMS having the info “you have received 25,000 from the program” please call on this number. Then remember that it is a fake SMS. They are going to demand money from you to fraud you.

25,000 SMS (Example)

We have given below an example SMS for all of you. Apna4G is alerting you to never reply or call back on such numbers. They can steal your personal information, your bank account money, or can hack your phone. Hence, stay away from such calls and SMS and whenever such types of calls or SMS come to your number, just disconnect or delete them.

fake sms example

What To Do?

When you receive such an illegal or scam SMS or call, you just have to disconnect it. On the other hand, you must have to block that number on your SIM. Hence, those frauds will never be able to contact you again. Track Ehsaas Registration from this valid article.

Official Check

The official method to check whether you are eligible or register in the Ehsaas program is to visit its official site. In addition, you can send your CNIC number to 8171. In reply, you will get details on whether you are eligible for a monthly allowance or not.

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      1. Assalm o Ali kum……
        25000 hazar emdad ke zarort ha hame q ka eid ka timing chale ha..

        1. Muhammad Amir

          سر میرا والد صاحب ہسپتال میں بیمار پڑا ہے مہربان
          کرکے مجھے 20000 روپوں سخت ضرورت ہے

      2. اس کارڈ پے پیسہ نہیں آیا ہے کیا وجہ ہے الو کیجیے براۓ مہربانی

    1. Please help me we family have no home I request give me some money because we made home and spent happy life

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  4. Please help me ahsass progaram Sy gujarish hay k Ghar k halaat bohat kharab hai Mera sohar mujdoori karta hai mere 3 bachy hai sir mere Ghar k halaat bohat kharab hai

  5. ھم بھت غريب آدمي ھين ھماري مدد ڪرو پليز ھمارا باپ بوڙھا ھوگيا ھي اور ھمارا ايڪ بھاعي ھي و گونگا ھي پليز 25000 ھزار ھماري ڪارڊ پر ڀيجين مھرباني

  6. Humra ghr duob gaya humray pass kch nh raha hamri help Karin .khuda ky lia hum Rajanpur se hn Mera CNc nbr

  7. Muhammad Amir

    سر میرا والد صاحب ہسپتال میں بیمار پڑا ہے مہربان
    کرکے مجھے 20000 روپوں سخت ضرورت ہے

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